ATC grants further seven-day physical remand of accused in Usama Satti murder case

ISLAMABAD (APP): An Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) on Wednesday granted more seven-day physical remand of five police personnel arrested in citizen Usama Satti murder case and also ordered to include the wireless operator into the investigation.

The accused Mudasir Iqbal, Shakeel Ahmed, Muhammad Mustafa, Saeed Ahmed and Iftikhar Ahmed were produced before ATC by the police after ending of their three days physical remand.

 The Investigation Officer Muhammad Azam informed the court that the official weapons had been withdrawn from the accused besides recording their statements by the joint investigation team (JIT).

A call was issued on wireless that four people were running after committing a robbery. A car was coming from university side which didn’t stop despite of police signal.

The IO said that the deceased received five bullets from his back. The plaintiff lawyer said that no bullets were fired on vehicle from its back as the footages of the incident were available.

The court asked the police IO to show the footage proving bullets from back side. The bullets must hit the driver after crossing the back seat, he noted.

The judge expressed annoyance with the IO for not showing the proof and said that all were in connivance with the accused.

The plaintiff lawyer said that there was no blood in the said car, adding that the police were assisting the accused people. He prayed the court to grant the police only seven-days remand so that the progress report could be viewed.

On query of the judge, an arrested sub-inspector adopted the stance that after receiving message on wireless regarding incident of robbery by four dacoits in a house in area of police station Shams Colony, they reached the Sirinagar Highway. They tried to stop the car but it didn’t and broke three traffic signals, he said, adding that the car took turn toward Peshawar Morr from Islamabad Morr.

The accused said that the police personnel were on pick up while the other car was Japanese Alto.

The judge asked that whether there was firing from Alto car and the police started firing in retaliation. Is this right to start firing on vehicle if it didn’t stop on police signal, the court asked, adding that there was an innocent boy in the car which was targeted. The court asked that how many absconders the Islamabad police stations had in its list and how many had been killed yet. Such incidents had severe impacts on the whole society, it further remarked.

The lawyer requested the court to also include the wireless operator in investigation so that facts could be discovered. The court accepted the requested and granted the police further seven-day physical remand of the accused.