ATC rejects Yasmin’s bail plea

LAHORE (Agencies): The bail application of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf stalwart Dr Yasmin, who is facing charges of rioting on May 09, has been rejected as Lahore Anti-Terrorism court (ATC) was not satisfied with the grounds taken for bail in the matter.
ATC Judge Ejaz Ahmed turned down the bail on Friday, resultantly she will remain behind the bars. It has been reported that during remand the Punjab police have successfully obtained the vehicle and smartphone belonging to Dr Yasmin Rashid as both the articles were allegedly used during the violent protests on May 09.
During its visit to Jail where Dr Yasmin Rashid is currently imprisoned the Police conducted an interrogation session with her. She has been regularly brought to court in relation to her involvement in the protests. According to police sources, Dr Yasmin Rashid allegedly admitted that she had gathered people for the protest. In order to gather further evidence, her smartphone has been sent for forensic analysis.
On the other hand, Yasmin Rashid has filed bail applications in three additional cases. In response, the court has issued prosecution notices regarding the bail applications. The court has adjourned the Gulberg container burning case until June 20. The hearing in the Askari Tower attack case has been adjourned until June 21 whereas hearing for the bail application in the PML-N office burning case has been adjourned until June 22.