ATH gives healthcare services to people of Hazara, AJK and GB

ABBOTTABAD (APP): Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATI) Sunday provided healthcare services to 9,54,947 patients during the year 2022 while more than 350000 patients were brought to the emergency department including Afghan residents, patients from Gilgit, Azad Kashmir and all across Hazara division.
According to the ATH administration, more than 600000 people have availed treatment facilities through Outpatient Department.
Nearly 55976 patients were admitted for the provision of various medical facilities in ATH Abbottabad while more than 23000 operations were performed and along with this more than 6000 emergency operations were also carried out.
It is pertinent to mention that during the year 2022, many patients were referred to Ayub Teaching Hospital for better medical facilities from other hospitals in Gilgit, Azad Kashmir and across Hazara.
For the facilities of the patients, the ATH administration established a satellite pharmacy on each floor so that the medicines used during the operation and in the wards can be provided to the patient from the same place.
During 2022 diagnostic services continued uninterruptedly in Radiology and Pathology Department and 5916 MRIs, 16695 CT scan, 142883 different x-rays, and 63363 ultrasounds were done.
ATH is the only government hospital in the region to provide free diagnostic facilities not only to the people of Hazara division but also from Azad Kashmir and Gilgit through state-of-the-art MRI and CT scan machines and to further improve diagnosis in 2022. Modern X-Ray machines were also added to the radiology department. In 2022, more than 1034 angiographies and more than 600 angioplasties were performed.
In order to provide better facilities to the patients, Health Facilitation Center was established in the hospital which is a one-window service for the patients admitted to the hospital.
In the year 2022, ATH continued its journey of rapid success and the hospital received permits from CPSP to start post-graduate training by adding Plastic Surgery and Physiology as sub-departments.
Apart from this, a number of new departments have also been started in ATH, including the Department of Nephrology, Oncology), Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Cardiology and Endocrinology.