Azam Tarar fears ‘collision’ between institutions

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The ruling coalition Thursday rejected the formation of a larger bench on the Supreme Court Bill, with the law minister fearing a “collision” between institutions.

During a joint press conference of the ruling coalition parties, Federal Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar said that the situation was going towards a clash.

“We know how to protect our rights. An attempt is being made to stop the Parliament from legislation and curtail its powers,” he added.

“All the pillars of the state should work within their limits. The Supreme Court constituted the larger bench before the legislation and fixed the hearing. The hearing has been scheduled hastily,” he added.

“It has never happened in the past that a case was fixed for hearing before the enactment of the law. The current situation is alarming,” he stated.

“Senior judges were not included in the larger bench. The selected judges have been included in the larger bench. Many bar associations of the country have also called the formation of the bench wrong,” he asserted.

“We are using our constitutional and democratic right. It is hoped that this controversial bench will be dissolved today,” the law minister expressed optimism.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Qamar Zaman Kaira said it had not happened in any country that the Parliament was prevented from legislation.

“Important decisions are not made in anger and excitement. Clash of institutions will lead the country to a terrible situation,” he expressed concern.

“We did not challenge the authority of the chief justice, but the method of forming the bench is not correct,” he emphasised.

“Everyone understands why the bench was formed. We demand the formation of a full court bench,” Mian Iftikhar said.

“Pakistan is going through many crises. Big problems are being faced in reaching national agreements. We speak the language of love and democracy. This bench is not correct. It should be reviewed. For God’s sake, have some mercy on the country and let it run,” he added.