Babar Awan says National Assembly will pass mini-budget tomorrow

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: With a very determined air on his face, PM Advisor on Law and Parliamentary Affair Dr Babar Awan has said that government will pass Finance (Amendment) Bill tomorrow while rejecting the opposition claim of having the enough number required to defeat the bill.

While talking to local news channel on Wednesday, the advisor in a very assured manner said that tomorrow (Thursday) the government would complete its ‘numbers’ and those who used to brag that from 25-30 members were with them, they would face defeat.

“The Finance (Supplementary) Bill, 2021 will be passed by the National Assembly tomorrow. And the assembly session will commence at 4pm,” Mr Awan said adding that those used to talk about bringing no-confidence motion, had to do the face saving twice.

He said that two times, the opposition tried to dislodge the National Assembly deputy speaker but they failed in their effort. Opposition does have the right to bring a no-trust motion, but it will have to complete its numbers, the advisor maintained.

Mr Awan said it’s insane if somebody went to an institution and asked it to strike a deal with him as his businesses were not running and topple the government.

No one can knock down a government after breaking law and after transcending courts, he held. He said jokingly that nowadays it was minus-one thing and when the London émigré would return, numbers would be completed.

The parliamentary affairs advisor said that the government was bringing a bill pertaining to Senate elections in the parliament. The cabinet has given approval for holding a consultation on the Senate election legislation, he said adding that after passage of this bill, horse trading would come to an end.

He touted that the government prepared this legislation with the help of election commission. After this legislation, it could be seen who has voted in whose favour with the help of technology, he maintained adding that parties could see how many of their members have sold their votes for money.