Bangladesh court announce five years imprisonment to opposition leader Khalida Zia

Monitoring Desk

DHAKA: Former Bangladesh prime minister and Opposition leader of Bangladesh, Khalida Zia was sentenced to five years imprisonment by a court in Bangladesh on Thursday after she was convicted in corruption case.

Judge of Bangladesh court, Muhammad Akhtar-u-Zaman announced the verdicts and awarded five years imprisonments for the convicted Khalida Zia.

According to international and Bangladesh media reports, the violent clashed started among the protestors and security forces after the verdict.

Security forces trying to disperse the protestors by firing tear gas at thousands of opposition activists who defied heavy security to escort the car taking Zia, a two-time former prime minister, to a Dhaka court for the verdict.

Local media reported that more than policemen were injured and two motorcycles torched during the clashes that broke out several kilometres (miles) from the court premises.

Zia, leader of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), is charged with embezzling $252,000 from a trust created for an orphanage and faces life in prison if convicted by the Dhaka magistrates’ court.

She has consistently denied the charges, insisting “not a penny” was stolen and saying the legal action was politically motivated.