Biden to rollback Trump’s polices

Joe Biden plans to take executive actions to roll back some of the most controversial decisions of his predecessor and to address the raging coronavirus pandemic, in his first hours as President. Biden’s incoming chief of staff told the media few days back. As per media reports, Biden desires to act swiftly to redirect the country from some controversial paraphernalia’s of Trump presidency through a barrage of executive orders without waiting for lengthy congressional procedures.

On his first day at White house, Biden’s planned to start it from ending up Trump’s restriction on immigration to the U.S, heading to region the Paris climate accord and mandatory mask-wearing on federal property and during interstate travel. Biden will also move $1.9 trillion virus relief bill for Congressional approval on his first day in office. He also aimed at several other Trump’s policies to deliver relief to the millions of Americans facing crisis due to these policies. Later, Biden’s team will acquire congressional consent through proper legislations on the subjects.

President Elect Joe Biden has very fascinating plans which will certainly be admired by the Americans people, particularly the the sections of American’s society who suffered due to these polices. Trump’s ultranationalist polices harmed more than furthered the interest of the masses. Ranging from internal matters to foreign policy and from trade to US role in international organizations, Trump singled out the country instead of playing the leading role as a Superpower. Trump mostly limited to a trivial objective instead of a broader prospects of International politics.

During Trump era, a deep fraction has been emerged due to ultranationalist Polices, particularly Black and immigrants are feeling insecure in the present US society environment. Hopefully, the proposed policy actions will be a source of their trust in American system and reunion in the American Society. While keeping in mind the Joe Biden’s performance as Vice President with Barrack Obama, it seems that Biden will not only take actions to reverse the damaging Polices of the President Trump but also will move forward to bring comforts in the lives of American people and will play a constructive role at international level.