Bilawal claims National Action Plan ‘not being implemented’

F.P. Report

QUETTA: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday – while extending condolence to bereaved families of Hazarganji terrorist attack on – lashed out at what he termed “double standards” in policies of the federal government.

He regretted that the National Action Plan (NAP) was not being implemented.

“On one hand the ministers claim that they stand by martyrs’ side, whereas they could also be observed favoring killers,” he said.

“After APS incident, all political parties put their effort for formulating the NAP, however, the government could not arrive at a decision whether it is standing by martyrs’ side or the killers?” Bilawal asked.

“They [the government] seem to have confusion. The victims have not been delivered justice and they are not included in the mainstream,” he said.

“Has the prime minister called even one meeting of NACTA?” he asked, while adding that the premier has not called a meeting over the NAP.

“He is selected, he should have completed his responsibility. Our leadership and workers were martyred,” he added.
He said he wanted to see culprits standing in the court of the law.

“Even after passage of four days, the prime minister has not visited Quetta,” he concluded.

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