Bilawal rules out talks with govt

THATTA (TLTP): Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has accused the incumbent government of having forgotten all about the National Action Plan (NAP).

Talking to the media in Thatta on Sunday, Bilwal condemned the brutal killings of 11 coal miners in the Machh area of Balochistan. He stated that such incidents would not have occurred had the government focused on work instead of politics.

The PPP chairman reiterated that the party would contest elections against the government whether they were Senate’s or by-polls.

“An incompetent Prime Minister has been imposed upon us,” Bilawal said. “Pakistan lags behind Bangladesh in terms of economic growth. Today, Pakistan has the highest inflation rate in the region,” he added.

He restated that the people have had to bear the burden of inflation due to the government’s incompetence, further calling for Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign if he does not have a solution to the public’s problems.

“The federal ministers are conspiring but the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is united,” he said. “PDM’s victory will be the victory of the PPP. All decisions will be made from the platform of the PDM,” he added.

Bilawal appealed to the citizens to support the PDM “so that together we can send this ‘incompetent’ government home and bring a people’s government,” he observed.

Referring to the possibility of a dialogue, Bilawal said a dialogue is impossible as long as the ‘puppet government’ is in place. “The national dialogue can take place in the [National] assembly but first the Prime Minister must resign and the government must go home,” he asserted.

On December 29, the PPP announced to contest the upcoming Senate elections, while endorsing at the same time almost all decisions of the PDM, including resigning from assemblies.

“We don’t backtrack on the PDM decisions made at the all parties’ conference (APC), but we want to send the selected and incompetent government of Imran Khan packing. If he does not resign till January 31, our deadline given to him, then we will kick him out,” Bilawal said.