Brazil’s politics and Castle-Kirk alliance

The most conservative faction of Christianity, Evangelical Christians had vowed their support for Jair Bolsonaro, a Brazilian conservative social liberal politician and a strong candidate for the top slot. According to reports, the followers of Evangelical sects stood in the streets of the Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro waving flags with images of Jair Bolsonaro, flanked by a well-known pastor Lucio De Paula.

Although Christianity usually observes a separation of church and state, but this conservative branch of Protestant Christianity is pushing to reach powerful positions in Brazil and it believes that Religion and politics should mix. According to the top pastor of the Evangelical faction, representation of society is mandatory and only Jesus can save Brazil from corruption and from Lalu, their common political foe and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. while this religious faction also perceives evangelical sectarian policies as mandatory for Brazil to compete with the current challenges.

The mainstream Christian cemeteries consider government power and worldly affairs contrary to the religious norms of their faith hence usually distant themselves from materialistic life. However, Evangelical Christians do not agree with other sects and perceive politics as a means to promote their belief in the world. Historically, the relationship between the Castle and the Kirk had always played a pivotal role in the promotion of interests of both empire and the machinery, while experienced Brazilian Politician, Jair Bolsonaro has decided to use the century-old proven recipe of the Castle-Kirk partnership to reach the high office.

Currently, Brazilian religious liberals and social democrats had set a course to combine their power by inciting politico-religious sentiments in the public to grab their support, hence they portray that Brazil and God are above everyone. Although such sloganeering has caused apprehensions among the workers’ party yet they perceive this pastor-politician alliance as unnatural and flawed. Apparently, the cleric and statesmen know various tacts to attract the public yet the election outcome will illustrate the quality of their code.