Burial held for Mawlawi Ansari, 17 other victims of Mosque attack

HERAT (TOLOnews): The remains of Mawlawi Mujeeb Rahman Ansari and 17 others who were killed in a suicide attack at Guzargah mosque of Herat province were buried.
Ansari, his brother, and 16 other worshipers were killed after a suicide bomber blew up himself at Guzargah mosque.
The attack left 23 people wounded. The residents of Herat voiced concerns over attacks that target civilians in public areas.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to provide security for the clerics, so the clerics will not be killed from now on,” said M. Qassim Sabiri, a resident of Herat.
Meanwhile, the local officials in Herat said that the perpetrators of the attack would be held accountable. “The brothers were greeting, and then I started greeting them, but then I opened my eyes, I was at the hospital,” said Ghulam Hazrat Nizami, a victim of the blast.
“I heard a sound, when I heard it, I lied down but my hands and feet were hit by shrapnel,” said Rameen, a wounded person.
Talking at the funeral ceremony of the victims, the provincial governor, Mawlawi Noor Ahmad Islamjar said that the people involved in the attack will be brought to justice.
“They will not be free anywhere in this world,” he said. “Those who committed this crime will be punished,” said Mawlawi Khudadad Saleh, a religious cleric. Many Islamic clerics have been recently targeted, and in many instances Daesh has claimed responsibility.