Calls mount to speed up work on highway

KANDAHAR (TOLOnews): Passengers and drivers traveling on the Uruzgan-Kandahar highway want officials to speed up the reconstruction of the road which started four months ago.
According to them, if the work on the road is not completed soon, they will face many problems in the coming winter.
“From Kabul and Kandahar, this is our most important road, and we also transfer patients on this road,” said Ahmadullah, a driver.
“Cars get punctured and break down, we suffered many such problems along the way,” said Grani, a driver.
“When it rains, the road makes a lot of people stay, it has damages on both sides, which is filled with water,” said Esmat, a passenger.
The head of public works of Uruzgan also accepted the challenges of drivers and passengers but pledged the completion of the road before winter.
“Yesterday, we had a meeting with the company. We also had a meeting three days before and we prepared them so that the work on the road should be finished before the city planning notice went up to stop the work,” said Adam Khan Namani, head of the public works of Uruzgan.
The highway between Uruzgan and Kandahar is 165 km long, of which 40 km needs concrete and the other 125 km has been built only in a basic way, but due to the wars in recent years, some culverts have been destroyed, and the reconstruction work continues.