Can’t allow PTI long march: ICT tells court

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration Saturday filed its petition in the Islamabad High Court requesting it to throw out the PTI’s petition which is seeking permission to hold a public rally/sit-in in the federal capital.

In its miscellaneous petition, the ICT administration implored the court to dismiss the PTI’s petition which the party submitted for seeking an NOC from the administration to hold its rally/sit-in in Islamabad keeping in view the alarming security situation.

The ICT administration stated in its petition that according to the reports forwarded by the security agencies, the life of PTI Chairman Imran Khan was in grave danger. And keeping in view the threat element, the administration could not allow the PTI to hold its rally or sit-in in the federal capital.

The ICT administration requested the Islamabad High Court to reject the PTI petition seeking issuance of the NOC for a public rally. The petition further stated that in the gun attack on Imran Khan’s container, a life was lost and several others got injured including the PTI chief. (PPI)