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70 years of looting

I am writing to highlight the environmental degradation that affecting the Pakistan economy.  It is estimated that damage cost of environmental degradation in Pakistan is at PKRs 346 billion per year. The country is decaying and dying as well as habitant including all living creatures (humans, animals, marine life, etc) over the time. There is need to address the issues step by step as we need major surgery to address the issues otherwise we will our DNA and our exports as well as resources will be affected beyond any thinking.

The plundering and degradation is affecting all living things in Pakistan and there is no fear of punishment / penalty on polluter’s and all is going on uncheck in all province especially in Sindh and KP. In these provinces, loss of land due to water salinity & water intrusion from sea while in KPK, massive deforestation has occurred and process is continuing.

There are many environmental degradations that is uncheck release of pollutant from road side shops, industries / factories especially medium / small scale, open burning of garbage & burning at dumping site, use of plastic in all sort forms, untreated discharge of effluent from cities sewerage and industries effluent into rivers / sea and no checks.

This is ongoing due to ineffective role of general public, local administration, lack of will, corruption and lack of trained staff.


Pakistan is forested about 2.5% or 1,902,000 hectares of Pakistan total land in 2000. Between 1990 and 2000, Pakistan lost an average of 41,100 hectares of forest per year. The amounts to an average annual deforestation rate of 1.63%. In total, between 1990 and 2005, Pakistan lost 24.7% of its forest cover, or around 625,000 hectares.

Compare to Pakistan’s forest cover to India’s 20 percent and Bhutan’s 70 percent. 0.5 million hectares of fertile land in Thatta district alone (or 12% of the entire cultivated area of the province) is affected by sea intrusion.

The highest rate of deforestation has been found in the Indus delta mangroves depleted to 86,000 hectares in 2003 from 604,870 hectares in 1966. About 1300 hectares from 1992 to 2006 period. Disturbing fish catch especially palla fish from 1900 tons in 1980 to below 200 tons per year.


Salinity on Sindh coast increased from 35 ppt to 45ppt in two decades. Water logging & salinity is remain major issues. Sindh is the most affected province. About 53 % of total irrigated area in Sindh. Causes crop loss of 31pc every year

Sewerage effluent

In Karachi, 472 MGD sewerage effluent generated in the city while untreated sewage is about 417 MGD which is 88% of total sewerage effluent which is drained and dumped in Arabian Sea untreated putting the marine life in serious danger and various kind of diseases.

Major factors responsible are: –

” Land degradation and deforestation

” Agricultural soil erosion

” Air pollution & health issues,

” Marine life pollution by dumping of untreated effluent from sewerage and industries.

However, at present no serious works carried out so far to indicate the impact of environmental degradation in Pakistan.

Looking Forward

o Engage on merit order the sincere people to help and tackle these issues.

o There is an urgent need to highlight and educate the all masses on impact of pollution through all media.

o Phase up banning of plastic in Pakistan. Please see what we were using in 60’s and 70’s. Implement first in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

o Implementation of environmental laws and strict monitoring & action by EPA for compliance.

o Use of remote sensing tools to identify the real loss with the help of research and universities.

o Reforestation on mass scale in all provinces with target.

o Use of public transport in all big cities as well as railway for goods transportation.

o Building effluent treatment plant at source for recycling of water as well as to stop dumping. No effluent to be dumped into river and sea at any cost.

o Drainage scheme for saline land and proper routing of drain water to sea after treatment

o Solid waste sorting, segregation/reuse and proper dumping.

o Integrated approach is required involving universities, Govt agencies, regulatory institutions to tackle the issue of environmental degradation.

Syed Sarfaraz Ahmed


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Top management of PIA

Every time PIA comes in Media they only talk of Operational Employees of PIA that there is overpopulated employees and a figure is Quoted of high number of employees and so Little Aircraft, and a wrong Impression of PIA is Projected Intentionally or unintentionally as Free Tickets worth 5 Billions according to recent Audit of PIA Bribe to Non PIA personal, by CEO Political Appointee by PMLn Mr Cyan Musharaff as an Educationist/head master now projected Falsely as Aviation Expert, Such Lies have been Dished out ,by the Press People receiving share in these Free Tickets ? worth 5 Billion Rupees as recent Audit has revealed .
Press Screams at us that all the wrongs is because of large number of PIA employees and it is Mismanaged because of large number of employees and it is such a wrong and Biased Pakistani Media that is portraying a wrong Picture of PIA.
It Targets mostly employees or specially the operational Employees of PIA that Is basis of PIA Losses falsely, maybe the Press is run by uneducated Professionals who don’t know how to read the Management issue that may be the cases as most of Press people are BA pass and not MBA or management experts or with Financial Degrees. Fact of Matter is this All the Salaries of PIA is only 12-15 Percent of Total PIA Balance Sheet and that is nothing as even top 5 Airlines of the world like Emirates and Turkish Airline the Balance sheet of Employees Salaries is 30 to 35. Clearly double then PIA .
What Press does not tell you if PIA has 35 Aircrafts there are more than 100 GM and Directors and CEO nd each have Salaries in Millions, mostly Political Employees appointed by Breaking PIA rules and Regulations and Merit and leaving Original Employee of PIA Not promoted with Seniority, Non Merit People.
Why PIA should not reduce the TOP heavy Managers and Directors and Fire such Incompetent Directors and CEO whose Salary is more then whole 12000 Employees put together worth Millions each Directors /GMS and even when they serve for a Month , they get Tickets and Benefits for whole life which is rip off and incredible . PIA can be run by only 3 or 4 GM and Directors.
Emirates Airlines and Etihad having 10 times more Aircraft and earn more than 10 times of PIA has 3 Directors only and we have in 100,s Directors / CEOS’s and GMS for 35 Aircraft only.
I request the chief Justice of Pakistan to Address this Real issue of PIA as it is Hearing the case in Supreme court of PIA and he should also Call the CEO of PIA before 2008 which he clearly Missed to call as PIA was in Trouble since 1998 and open Skies Polices not 2008.
Khurrum Yousafzai

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Transformation of schooling in KP

According to the 2013 Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), 6o percent of children in fifth grade in KP don’t have even second grade competency in mathematics and language. The challenge for education reform is to improve this dismal outcome. It would be a big step towards making KP children productive citizens in their own province, in the rest of the country and overseas.

The KP government has taken several initiatives to improve schooling. The key challenges to education in K-P, like in the other provinces and regions of the country, are access, quality, equity and governance. To improve these areas of the education sector, the government of K-P took substantive measures through policy and sector reforms. However, without accurate evaluation of policies, it is hard to tell whether they have any impact on the ground. Therefore, the provincial government has established an independent monitoring unit (IMU) to gather evidence on school performance systematically (using smart phones to prevent manipulation). Data is now available for over 28,000 KP schools to assess policy initiatives and design cost-effective interventions.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Department of K-P, is evidently determined to increase access to quality education. The rolling out of enrolment campaigns, assessment of teachers’ capacities, rationalization of the teaching staff, provision of the missing facilities in government schools and initiation of students’ assessment mechanisms, are a few of the critical steps taken to provide a better education environment for the community at large. It is important to note that K-P has fared well on the indicators, despite the volatile security situation, which is not as challenging in other provinces and once that is also improved, K-P will shine further in its educational achievements.

In Mansehra district of KP 42 schools are non-functional and the premises are being used for other purposes. Ghost and non-functional schools are spread across the country in every province. The provincial ministry of education must order an immediate probe into the matter. The quality of education provided in rest of the schools in the region is dismal, which further explains why the province is one of the highly illiterate regions in the country.

And of schools that are functional, girls make up for the highest drop-out rates. Also part of the problem is teachers’ absence who continues to receive their salaries without taking any classes. Whereas the K-P government has allocated more for education than Punjab and Sindh in its provincial budget, efficient utilization of the funds is equally important to improve the literacy rate in the province.

Despite challenges, the Haripur district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa topped the rankings with the best education score from all the districts of the country.

However, the Malakand district secured the highest scores for middle schools with infrastructure and facilities, with the province leading the rankings.

“The basic problem in education was political interference and governance and once the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government addressed that seriously, the result is visible in the report,” he said.

Moreover, the introduction of the biometric system had helped eradicate absenteeism of teachers. Hundreds of teachers who were found truant from their duties were punished, while hard-working, committed and performing teachers were regularly rewarded.

On the other hand, the minister said that the recruitment of teachers has been made apolitical by employing a selection process involving the National Testing Service (NTS).

In order to introduce a uniform system of education, The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary & Secondary Education Department (ESED) is revising textbooks. So far textbooks up to class five have been revised. New books are easier to understand and are structured in manner, which will help students in concepts instead of root learning.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary & Secondary Education Department conducted uniform and universal examination for class five in all public and private schools. The purpose of these examinations was to improve quality of education in KP since these assessments provided information about shortcomings which is helping planners to address service delivery in effective manners. During last three years, The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESED) has successfully established and completed about 450 new schools in KP. All of these schools are fully resourced and functioning according to the data available at ESED. About 229 schools have been sanctioned while 221 are in process.

The ESED’s budget continued upward shift and kept increasing since 2013. In 2013- 14 the total budget was 64 Billion, which then increased to 88 Billion in 2014-15, 99.4 Billion in 2015-16, 118.7 Billion in 2016-17 and 136.194 Billion this year (2017- 18). The ESED’s Budget has increased by 14.51% as compared to FY2016-17 while overall increase in Education budget has been 113.84% over the last 5 years.

Because all children – girls included – deserve quality education, it is time voters held lawmakers accountable so that overall learning prospects improve.

Yousaf Khan

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Mental illnesses and lack of awareness

The word ‘Mental Health’ refers to the healthy mind free from any sort of mental illness or negative thought patterns. These negative thought patterns govern the individual’s actions and behaviors which are actually considered to be abnormal and socially unacceptable.

As, we focus on the healthy body we need to emphasize on healthy mind as well because a healthy person must have both healthy mind and body. But unfortunately in Pakistan this area is neglected the most.

There are very few mental health practitioners available. According to WHO report of Mental Health System in Pakistan, for every 200 psychological patients, only one psychologist is available.

According to the statistics of the same report, 0.40% expenditures are spent on the mental health and only 11% out of 89% expenditures are spent on the mental health hospitals.

As we consider the mental illnesses, Depression is the most widespread illness present almost in every second individual regardless of age.

The most important thing is the lack of awareness. People don’t know about their psychological problems and if some of them know, they usually don’t accept it.

People in urban areas are might aware of psychological problems and they often concern psychologists but population of rural areas are completely unaware.

They believe  psychological illnesses are actually the invasion of demons. They should be given awareness so that sick individuals could get  proper timely treatment.

Psychological illnesses are considered to be taboo. So most of the people neither talk about them nor seek  treatment.

Today when we talk about drugs addiction, rapes and physical diseases, we tend to miss out the psychological aspects of individual’s personality.

This needs to be consider at initial level because these mental illnesses later on impair the individual’s social, occupational and daily livivg functioning.

Although in the recent years numbers of workshops and compaigns have been run by different institutions to mobilize people about mental health but still there is a lot to do. Because only mentally and physically healthy individual can serve Pakistan by utilizing his or her full potential.

Faheela Riaz


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The concept of hujra and mosque in Pakhtun society

For a very long span of time Islamic state of Afghanistan and our beloved province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been the centre of attraction for both national and international media with respect to many factors. It is a general perception regarding Pakhtun people that they are prejudiced and narrow minded by its nature. Even they are not prepared to give freedom and human rights to the people living in the globe. Especially, their women are confronted with many problems and issues in their marginalized society.

Moreover Pakhtun are also considered to be extremist and violent people-as they are continuously involved in interfaith riots, sectarianism, and exploitation of the women and other regarding evils prevailing in society. If review this theory in the backdrop of the Pakhtun nation history then it is very natural to arrive at unified conclusion in the light of the deliberations, observations and analysis made by the thank tanks of Pakhtun nation so far.

It is never proved at any time in the history of mankind that Pakhtun are violent and fundamentalist people. It is indeed a totally wrong and fallacious concept and has no link wit truth and reality in any form and shape.

Basically, Pakhtun, are liberal and free minded people. They not only want progress and development for themselve but also want to see peace, progress and development in the world over.

They are in quest to get excelling in the race of progress and surpass the other advanced nations of the world.

Further more in Pakhtun society people attached with other religions and notions also enjoy equal rights and liberty at their own sweet will. In other words followers of others religions and beliefs live free and independent life in this society. While Pakhtuns women are also regarded with great honor and veneration.

Thus it reflects the nefarious designs of all those elements that are antagonistic to the very existence of Pakhtun people. This feature and fact is testimony to the fact that the impression labeled by world community against Pakhtun does not match or reflect the culture and history of Pakhtun society. It seems to be a collective and well planed conspiracy hatched by the different forces to malign and tarnish the true image of Pakhtun nation in the eyes of the comity of the nations.

For this very reason the distinguished writer, analyst and thinker Salim Raz has aptly remarked that verily Pakhtun is progressive and independent nation by nature and its main proof is the Pakhtun culture and society itself. Where like all other features and tributes, the concept of Hujra and Jumat (mosque) owes much weight and significance and both the institutions play vital role in Pakhtun life and society. They represent and magnify our culture, civilization and social ethics. With the help of Hujra and Masjid we can judge the main principle of life i.e. Love, unity ,respect and other social political and economic values of our life which can best be realized in our society.

Similarly pakhtun nation also extend great respect to religious norms and traditions. They do not like to have any conflict with religion. Even from the very beginning religious extremism is not visible in the nature and life of the Pakhtun people. The Pakhtun society from the very inception has been a peace loving society. Nevertheless as far as our internal riots and conflicts are concerned – have some other peculiar reasons and causes. In other words these feuds and disputes among the various factions of Pakhtun society arouse due some other reasons.

But in this regard the institution of Jirga (a reconciliatory body) plays a vital role in resolving the issues of conflicts amicably. The elders or elites of the areas try their level best to resolve the issue through the system of jirga among the factions. The history is also testimony to the fact that never we see any evidence or proof of Pakhtun, involvement in any dispute of sectarian or religious nature. Our nation is being maligned in the name of peace and violence.

We are being labeled as violent and warrior people which is a notion totally unacceptable to us. It is a nation which wants progress and development with the help of knowledge and research. So that the future generation could be able to see a stable, peaceful, educated, prosperous, developed and enlightened Pakhtun society. Let us all pledge to shun our pity issues and prove ourselves as the most liberal, peaceful and educated segment of society to foil the evil propaganda and conspiracy hatched by the enemies against our patriotic and peace loving people.

Shaukat Hayat Buneri



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Qatar after one year of blockade

Just about a year back, Qatar with the population of 2.7 million was heavily dependent on Saudi Arabia and UAE for importing different commodities like poultry, meat and dairy products beside building materials and oil etc, most of it used to come across its border with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi and UAE exports to Qatar amounted to about $1.5 billion and $2.9 billion respectively. On June 5, 2017, Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahrain severed diplomatic ties, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar, imposed land, air and sea blockade.

Qatar immediately felt the negative effects on its economy and financial markets as imports plunged about 40 percent from a year earlier. But very swiftly, the world’s top exporter of liquefied natural gas developed new trade routes to the existing and new markets and used its reserves in terms of tens of billions of dollars from its funds, to protect its banks.

Besides ensuring uninterrupted supplies of essential daily use commodities to its people, the Qatar government started developing their own resources to make Qatar more self-sufficient, within weeks of the boycott on war footings. Turkey and Iran were the first countries to step out in favor of Qatar and provided immediate relief in terms of food and diplomatic support.

Baladna is one of these outstanding examples which is a privately owned 100% Qatari company.

Baladna Farm flew in 3,400 cows on national airline Qatar Airways and developed fully in record time, and started the production of dairy products that meets the requirements of almost entire population. Baladna Farm also achieved the distinction of being one of the largest livestock and dairy farms in the GCC and Middle East.

In order to make the Gulf nation more self reliant in the face of blockade the government of Qatar has launched a five-year development plan.

The main objectives of the National Development Strategy for 2018-2022, are the development of renewable energy and raising self-sufficiency levels for farming and fishing production.

The holy month of Ramadan is just few days away and it will be one year of blockade of Qatar by neighboring countries. After all this testing time Qatar stands tall even more strongly and more confidently. The attempt to isolate Qatar from rest of the world failed miserably.

The entire population, both Qatari nationals and expatriates continue to show total harmony, loyalty and dedication among themselves. They carry on supporting, unconditionally the country and its leaders of unmatchable vision and wisdom.

Ramadan is a month of good deeds, prayers, fasting, to show restraint and to be kind to others. It is astonishing that the neighboring boycotting countries continue to show stubbornness in their attitude and exhibit no intentions to resolve the unjust issue.

It is expected that these countries would soon realize that the blockade of another peace loving and brotherly Muslim country is highly unfair and against the principles of Islam.

Khalid Kamal

Doha, Qatar



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Pakistan’s future is on stake!

Now a days,  it’s not  a big deal to hear from someone that Matric/Intermediate Board papers were leaked 4hrs or just prior to exam.

As these practices are continued from years now students also don’t study for their exams rather they get involved with WhatsApp groups run by mafia in which they get Exams question with the answer sheet and students just have to pay minor cost to get enrolled in that group.

While giving exam also students are given with offers to pay some amount and cheat from wherever they want to.

All this is happening due to supervision by incompetent invigilators and lack of interest from superiors which ultimately affecting production of competent and brilliant students.

This is time to take serious view of the situation to save education system which is badly needed for the development of our beloved country Pakistan.

Muhammad Haseeb




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No respect for tax payers

I Want to draw the kind attention  of  Prime Minister  of Pakistan  that  this logic is not understood to me  that those most honest , Most patriotic, most philanthropists  and law-obeying  good citizen of Pakistan who  have being paid  income taxes  every year million of Rupees in most honestly ways, No any development works  are being carried out   in the   native  villages   of such most  respected   & most excellent income tax payers citizens of Pakistan

But on others side, all  the development  funds  are  being utilized  abd gulped  by  the  most selfish  & most powerful members  of  local bodies  members of  District councils,  Tehsil councils  and Union Councils  who have never pay any income tax  even of one paisa to the govt  of Pakistan and also not the real and true royalful  friends  of  Nawaz Sharif, the president  of PML-N.

I am saying this because of the following  reasons.

1- That    ADOWAL of  Tehsil  Pind Dadun Khan  is the   native village of a great surgeon  of Pakistan  Professor  & Dean  Dr Raja Ghulam Asghar  (late )   who had remained   one of the most  honest, most   patriotic  and most  experienced surgeon of Pakistan  & who had served this Islamic country  of Pakistan in  the medical  field  for a long  period of 56 years  from 1952 upto  2008 .

2)- He  had also  served the Pakistan  Army during  1965 indo-Pakistan war  at the battle field at  Lahore, Sialkot, &  Kharian Sectors  24  hours to do surgical operations  of injured  army men and officers in the battle field

3)- That,  Field Marshal Ayub Khan  (Late) had appreciated  the  most excellent service  of this great surgeon  of Pakistan  .

4)- When ever  he used to go abroad  for attending medical conferences, seminars etc, he was being offered most attractive jobs on handsome salaries and others  fringes by the ambassador  but this great surgeon did not accepted their offers because he was a true Pakistani  person.

5)- He  used  to pay the income Tax million  of Rupees  every year  to the  Govt  of Pakistan  in most honestly way. He was only the great surgeon of the  history  of  Pakistan who had paid  maximum   amount  of income tax  to the govt of Pakistan than compared to others doctors  of Pakistan

6)- But it is  a matter  of great pity  that no any development work are being done  by the chairman District council  Jhelum

7)- Even  one ordinary work  of constructing a most important  Pukka road from  Chopal  upto Graveyard (on which, the Jinaza of everyone passing through this uneven damaged path) has not been constructed so far .

8)- Because  all the members  of  the  district council Jhelum  are not   feeling any fear  of  Great Allah and the  severe Aazab of the great Allah which  these  most cruel members of the district council Jhelum  will soon be faced in their graves.

9)- Similarly  The  members  of the  District Council Jhelum  have no intion to carry out any development work  till  Qiamat.

10)- In the light of the above mentioned facts, I will  request to Prime Minister of Pakistan  to kindly restore  the previous  system of administration  of  Deputy Commissioners  in place  of  DCOs and full power of utilizing  of development funds in uniformly ways.

11)- In this way, the bad activities  of dishonest and  and most corrupt members  of the  local bodies of     mis-using  and  gulping  of  development  funds  can be crushed .

12)- Besides this, Most strict  rules  & regulations are needed  to be imposed  for the  improving  of the   moral characters of the members of the district councils   .


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Child laboring in Malakand

Present government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa claims for every child in school as revealed in it drive for new enrollment in government sector’s schools.

In Malakand the situation is sever in respect of child laboring. Every day in working places, hotels, break’s kilns, shops, filling stations and about all the laboring spots, each and every body can observe child laboring in Malakand while there is no one to take practical step for the stoppage of such practice.

We observe much more and a step upward in worsen situation when try to ask someone to refrain from child laboring, as they reply in such a comprehensive mood about the poverty of the child’s family that minds stop working further to stress for it.

Malakand, the war hit area, still survive in its way for economic growth and financial stability for its inhabitants. More than 38% population still living below the poverty line and young educated class is striving for jobs and employment.

Youths and aged persons, all are compelled to work for very low wages across the whole Malakand, but minors are also in the scene to work hardly for the survival of their families.

In workshop, a child while working with a mechanic on engines replied very sadly that he and his sisters each and every day see their ailing widow mother begging for their food in the village while he is seeking the work experience in a hope that one day he might be able to earn. His mechanic teacher gives him Rs 120 each day as a stipend to him, not because the minor is working for him, but on humanitarian grounds while many other minors don’t get so much. They receive only Rs 50 to 60 for their fare charges. It revealed. Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has passed the bills regarding ban on child labor, but still there is no practical steps taken to do so.

Only passing the laws is not the solution, government should take serious the menace and should go on to its root causes. If we want to ban child laboring in Malakand even we should facilitate deprived and poverty stricken families for their kids’ education as well as there is intense need of financial assistance to them.

Benazir income support scheme is a little bit beneficial, but poor families and poverty wracked families are still waiting to get the desired financial support cards. Rich are the main beneficiaries of the scheme, because the political figures used it as a political bribe.

Child laboring is a common practice in Mal-akand and no one notices it as a crime. NGOs and other social workers while in a ma-ss awareness campaign only get the photo sessions for me-dia and for their self-promotion.

There is no need of mass awareness on Child laboring in Malakand, each and every family know it, but they need resources and financial stability to refrain from child laboring. Government should initiate policies and practical efforts for eradication of main causes of minors on work.

In Malakand, there is places of work for children and no one notice it. The drop out increased from the schools at a high risk. All those students who leave off the schooling, goes to the nearby working places , workshops or hotels to keep on work there for earning.

There is no ban practically on these working places to hire minors for work. Even corporal punishment reported in the workshops and mechanics shops. The minors are compelled in such a violent environment to keep work continue, as there is no one to re admit them in schools. Education department in Malakand has no such a policy to bring back dropped out students to schools and even parents are also reluctant to do so. It is the dire need of the hour to minimize the child laboring in Malakand, otherwise the future of the minors is sinking into darkness. Let realize and normalize the worsen situation in Malakand to stop child laboring.

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should launch a drive for the stoppage of child laboring.

Here is another alternative too to minimize the menace of child laboring. The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its elementary and secondary education department in the provincial capital should initiate a policy of night shift of educating the students involved in hard working. The government possess teachers and schools across the Khyber Pakhtu-nkhwa and should utilize the already available resources through the additional budget of very low cast, necessarily the overtime salaries to the teachers concerned.

Through such practice, in a very short frame of time, minors will get education as well as reality check for their socio-economical uplift. Cue to common practice of child labor in Malakand, here is intense need of a drive for stoppage of child laboring or minimizing child labor.

Shah Hussain


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Pakistan Post


Pakistan Post was once a pride Government Department for the nation. I have seen twice a day delivery by “Khaki” uniformed postmen. A postcard, probably abandoned today, just in 05 Paisa reached from Kemrai-Karachi to a village on the Torkham Border. A letter reached in “daair Anna” (there were 16 Annas in one Rupee). Being an ordinary I can’t have access to DAWN Office Archive to find my one praising letter published in 1975-76. I posted a local letter from Saddar Post Office Karachi at around 11.30 am. Around 04.00 pm the addressed phoned me he had received the same.

  1. With the first tenure of Benazir, in line with the decline in the public service and deliberately topping of the governance, Pakistan Post also got infected. In order to provide jobs to dear one “Purely Meritted” people started dumping in the Department. To fool the nation slogans were raised the Department will had its own planes and for this a Minister of Post was appointed. The result was exactly what unknown forces wish this country to see. Recently, like PIA, the Department asked for funds from tax payers money to keep continue, under the label of reformation, enjoying the perks.
  2. August 2017 UBL Karachi sent an Airex letter through Pakistan Post. It was just a single page letter. Rs. 1,990 was the postage. Three months the envelope remained lying unattended with the International Mail Karachi and it reached me exactly after 3 months in November 2017. I have thrice approached the Chairperson Pakistan Post, she daman caring to reply.
  3. UBL informed me on 13 April that it had sent me a letter through courier. The Receipt shows it is through some costly courier service from Pakistan Post. The date of posting on the Receipt No. RB075453818PK is not clearly visible. This so called “courier”, as usual, in 10 days has not reached me yet. On checking the Tracking this morning 23 April it is found the Department did not has the date of booking of the article as it is written N/A. This courier remained 5 days within the Department and on 17/4/2018 the International Mail desired to “insert item into bag in ORIGIN country”.
  4. Perhaps it is the reason that since the item has been put in the bag meant to go to OIRGIN country which is Pakistan, hence it is still circulating somewhere there.

Muhammad Javed