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Imran vows to put Nawaz, Shehbaz, Dar and Zardari in jail

F.P. Report

TAUNSA SHARIF: PTI chief Imran Khan on Saturday warned political rivals the Sharifs and Zardari that he would send them to jail when his party comes into power and promised to recover looted wealth stashed abroad.

Addressing a political gathering in Taunsa Sharif, Imran Khan lamented how the rich and powerful in Pakistan were able to evade arrest while the poor thieves were punished for petty crimes.

“For stealing thousands or a few hundreds of rupees, you get sent to jail,” he said. “The affluent mint money in billions from corruption and are able to stash them abroad,” he added.

Imran said that Ishaq Dar and Nawaz Sharid had secured a ‘historic loan’ for Pakistan, obviously implying in a negative sense.

“We will catch Zardari, Nawaz, Shehbaz and Ishaq Dar,” said Imran. “And we will bring back their stolen wealth from abroad.

Imran urged people to rise above their fears and hold the corrupt elite to account. He said that God had sent His messengers to the world to ensure that there remained a difference between men and animals.

“Currently there are two laws operating in the world,” he said. “One is the law of man and the other is the law of the jungle. God sent messengers in order to make us civilised,” he added.

Imran Khan has frequently called for the arrest of Sharif family and also fired shots at PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari as well as his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

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West Indies to tour Pakistan in March: Najam Sethi

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk): The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has signed an agreement with Cricket West Indies for a series of T20Is, each year, for the next five years, in Pakistan and in USA.

Najam Sethi, chairman PCB, told media in Karachi that the scheduled tour by West Indies to Pakistan has also been rescheduled to March next year, which will be first of the series agreed between the two boards.

“West Indies and Pakistan Cricket Board have signed an agreement to play a series of T20 matches, each year for the next five years. In Pakistan and in the USA. Subject to availability of dates and venues,” Sethi said.

“West Indies has confirmed that its full team will tour Pakistan next year to play three T20Is to on March 29th, 31st, April 1st,” he added.

Najam confirmed that the reason to postpone the tour was the poor weather condition of Lahore cause by the smog.

“It was initially to be played in November but due to weather it couldn’t be possible,” he said.

“Next March, Pakistan will host first of the series, then Pakistan will play in America. And this will continue for five years,” he said.

The chairman PCB also confirmed that the USA leg for the series will be a trilateral series with one more team.

“We are in talks and will soon finalise the third team for the USA leg,” he said while adding that this bilateral arrangements between PCB and West Indies is outside of FTP.

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Merger deal by establishment but upon Sattar request, claims Kamal

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal has said that establishment was behind “one name, one manifesto and one symbol” deal between his party and Muttahida Qaumi Movement- Pakistan but the deal, he claimed was struck on the request of MQM-P Chief, Dr Farooq Sattar.

Addressing news conference at Karachi here on Saturday, the PSP Chief said; “Today I want to disclose that establishment had arranged our meeting with Farooq Sattar and when we reached there Farooq Sattar was already present. We were invited at the request of Farooq Sattar.”

“The entire team of Farooq Sattar and he himself had been inviting us through establishment for talks,” he further disclosed. “Which journalists, anchor, politician or business doesn’t talk with establishment?” he said, adding that he had been saying it from day one that he is talking to establishment.

“I talk to establishment but I am not an agent. Had I been agent I would have not left the senator seat in 2013. He we called them we would have been there before him,” he said. The PSP chairman criticized the media and others for “creating a perception” that Sattar was abducted and forced into conducting a joint press conference.

“The conference took place in front of everyone and the media. Yet such a perception was created. Governor Sindh also claimed Sattar was abducted and forced to give the press conference,” he said. Kamal added that Sattar has been giving the impression that whatever decisions PSP takes is at the behest of the establishment.

“Sattar has been meeting us through the establishment since eight months,” he said, saying that the developments are not just 48 hours-long.

“I had even offered MQM-P that I would dissolve my party but said I don’t want to merge with MQM-P. Sattar said he doesn’t want PSP to dissolve, but asked me to merge instead. I refused as I believe MQM is still the party of Altaf Hussain,” Kamal said.

Kamal in a jibe at Sattar said that his mother had passed away but had she been alive he would never drag her into politics nor hide behind her. Kamal concluded his press conference by once again inviting MQM-P for talks, saying he is ready to hold discussions for the sake of lasting peace in Karachi. “There is no deadlock, we are ready for talks,” he said.

Meantime, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) chief Dr Farooq Sattar on Saturday afternoon said that the party has set itself anew with educated people.

“We have left behind August 22, 2016, and cleaned the party of disruptive elements,” the MQM-P chief said. Sattar marched on foot from Liaquat Ali Khan chowk on foot to reach the Yadgar-e-MQM-Shuhada.

Speaking to journalists at the Liaquat Ali Khan Chowk, Sattar said he was going to Yadgar-e-MQM-Shuhada after one year. He added that MQM-P had freed the party of allegations of torture.

Sattar offered Fateha at the graves of the party’s martyrs memorial and laid floral wreaths. He was accompanied by the party’s leadership including Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar, Kamran Tessori, Faisal Subzwari and others.

Speaking to journalists after the visit to the memorial site, MQM-P leader Nasreen Jalil while responding to a reporter’s questions, cited Farooq Sattar’s earlier press conference and said that the offer for talks still stands.

Meanwhile, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Faisal Sabzwari on Saturday said that his party does not want to merge with any party.

“In order to have a political alliance with PSP, we made serious efforts to move forward but PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal wasted the chance,” Sabzwari said while addressing a press conference in Karachi.

“We don’t want a merger with the PSP,” he declared, adding that it was the PSP that wanted to merge with MQM-P.

Continuing to lash out at Kamal, Sabzwari spoke against Kamal’s earlier statement that politics in the name of Muhajirs should end, stating that he should have said that injustices against Muhajirs should be brought to an end.

“People will remember your claims from today and those you made before,” he said, referring to Kamal’s recent statements. “People will remember your claims in the coming elections.” Sabzwari also claimed that ninety percent of the workers are in contact with the party, and will return to the MQM-P when they are not ‘being pressurised.”

Discussing the recent census results, he said that MQM-P raised its voice against the census and approached the courts. “Our wish is that justice and better governance prevails in Sindh and Pakistan, and we feel that the Pakistan Peoples Party has failed to do the same in the province,” Sabzwari said, adding that his party only wishes to establish an effective local body system.

In reference to Kamal’s press conference earlier today, Sabzwari remarked that PSP’s media talk had damaged its repute and it would become evident in the approaching elections. Written notes confirm PSP, MQM had agreed on “one name, one manifesto, one symbol”

Meanwhile, the Handwritten notes by leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly and senior MQM Pakistan leader, Khowaja Izharul Hasan, confirms that content shared with media during press club presser was agreed by both Dr Farooq Sattar-led MQM-P and Mustafa Kamal-led Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).

“[We] have decided to get united by pursuing a policy of non-conflict and nonviolence in order to save the mandate from being divided in the best interest of province and city”, reads the notes, which sources claimed were written by Hasan during the meeting.

“Leadership of both political parties will take party in next elections Insha’Allah under “one symbol, one name and one manifesto” for the development and progress of the city and province,” reads the notes, a copy of which is available to The Frontier Post.

The workers are advised to play their role in making this joint and positive effort successful, the notes further reads, adding that; “The next line of action will be shared with media for public awareness after it’s decided by leadership with mutual consultation”.

It’s pertinent to mention that Farooq Sattar backtracked from the alliance for contesting new general polls under one manifesto, one name and one symbol after his party members revolted. Sattar claimed he was being deceived by Mustafa Kamal.

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Supreme Court to hear Nawaz’s petition of clubbing NAB references

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk): The Supreme Court of Pakistan has accepted the petition of the ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif for the merger of corruption references in the accountability court.

In an order on Saturday, it was told that Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar will hear the petition in his chamber on November 16. Nawaz Sharif had submitted a petition in the apex court to the three references – Flagship Investment Ltd reference, Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference and Avenfield flats reference – against him filed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The Chief Justice himself will decide whether to approve or reject the petition from the former premier. The petition will also decide objections over the registrar office.

The petition was initially submitted in the registrar office of the Supreme Court, but was dismissed on several objections. Nawaz Sharif had then moved a petition against the objections raised by registrar office.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had sent comprehensive verdict over review petitions filed by disqualified premier to 27 government departments in which it was stated that no loopholes were pointed out in the disqualification order by the claimants.

Last Wednesday, the accountability court had rejected Nawaz Sharif’s plea seeking merger the references against him, indicting him in all three corruption reference separately.


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FBR initiates investigations against Pakistanis named in Paradise Leaks

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has on Saturday initiated investigations against Pakistanis named in Paradise Papers after making a list of all the 19 people.

According to sources, details of the 19 people named in Paradise Leaks have been demanded from Regional Tax Officers (RTO) while letters have also been written to State Bank of Pakistan, NADRA, SECP and other related departments to seek cooperation.

The details regarding financial transactions and bank accounts of all the 19 people have been requested by FBR. The investigations will be held under tax evasion and money-laundering laws.

Also read: Former PM Shaukat Aziz also named in Paradise Papers

Former Pakistan Prime Minister (PM) Shaukat Aziz has also been named in the Paradise Papers as second installment made public by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Shaukat Aziz s company was being run from Barmuda, reported Dunya News.

Shaukat Aziz established the company named Antarctic Trust and his siblings, as well as wife, became the beneficiaries of the company and this company was never disclosed before Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Former chairman of NICL has also been named among those holding offshore companies. The Panama Papers second installment disclosed that Ayaz Khan Niazi, the former NICL chairman, was also having offshore assets in British Virgin Islands.

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has also been named among those having offshore companies while British Queen Elizabeth also owned a company.

The Paradise Papers have largest number of politicians, companies and other influentials from the US.

The two most politically exposed Pakistanis in these leaks are Ayaz Khan and Shaukat Aziz only but there are many other Pakistani businessmen also named among them.

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, EBay and Nike are also among the companies owning offshore companies according to Paradise Papers leaked by ICIJ.

It is pertinent to mention here that Qatari Prince Hammad bin Jasem al-Thani, who was also a business partner of Sharif family and had sent several letters to Pakistan s Supreme Court confirming that he had business relations with Nawaz Sharif s father and the son as well, is also among those named in Paradise Leaks.

Some of the major names in the Trump administration have been found owning offshore companies according to Paradise Leaks. Secretary os State Rex Tillerson was the former CEO of ExxonMobil, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is the owner of WL Ross & Co, and Vice Chairman for Supervision, Federal Reserve Randal Quarles was partner in a company named Carlyle Group.

Among Trump s advisers, Gary Cohn is the former president and CEO of Goldman Sachs, Thomas J Barrack Jr is the executive chairman of Colony NorthStar, Stephen Schwarzman is the co-founder and CEO of Blackstone Group and Carl Ichan is the owner of Icahn enterprises.

Moreover, Trump s donors including Randal Quarles, Robert Mercer, Wilbus Ross, Steve Wynn and Geoffrey Palmer have also been named in the Paradise Leaks.

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Mustafa Kamal ready to strike back at Farooq Sattar Today

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), Mustafa Kamal, has said that his party in order to give its response on the allegations leveled against him by MQM-P Chief Farooq Sattar will get back with loaded presser today.

“Hold your breath sahib; it’s our turn now,” Kamal said in his brief message to media.

A day earlier Muttahida Qaumi Movement- Pakistan (MQM-P) Farooq Sattar warned; “I have sent a letter to PM Khaqan Abbasi, Army Chief, DG ISI, DG IB and others. If Kamal wants details of so-called six months contacts, I will public the letter’s content,” Sattar warned Kamal, apparently in a bid to forbid PSP chief from speaking on the topic.

“I could have responded to Mustafa Kamal yesterday but it’s not my ethics to respond in such a way,” he said.

“Yesterday, we held news conference with full sincerity and it was an election alliance which could turn into alliance but Mustafa Kamal started talking about end of the MQM-P,” Sattar said.

“Whether in Pakistan or Karachi Engineered politics can be done,” he said, adding that the one ruling over the heart of the people would rule over the city as well.

“An important decision will be announced and I will also explain the reasons behind it,” he remarked. “I am the head of Pakistan’s third largest party in the Senate. MQM-Pakistan is the second biggest party in Sindh and the biggest party for the people of Karachi.”

“I started my political career with All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization, which was created on June 11, 1978. I joined APMSO in 1979,” he said. “We are in politics to save Pakistan,” he said, adding “Mohajirs and their mandate were insulted yesterday.” He also remarked, “I have never abused my power for personal gains.”

Sattar requested the media organizations to probe into the wealth of all the major political leaders from different parties. “Politicians and heads of all parties should be held accountable regarding their assets and funds. Nation needs to know who is leading them.”

“Welcome all party members, supporters and workers. Also, thank all media organizations for coming to cover across this press conference on such a short notice,” he said in his opening note.

A Major rift was exposed in Farooq Sattar-led Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) after its Rabita Committee – the supreme council of the party – decided to not contest elections with any electoral symbol but ‘kite’ here on Thursday.

The development irked Farooq Sattar who announced to hold a news conference with a major announcement. No presser was, however, held till filing of this report. Several pro-Sattar leaders, including Kamran Tessori, Waseem Akhter and Nasreen Jalil rushed to Sattar’s house in FIB locality.

Earlier addressing a news conference Kanwar Naveed Jameel, one the deputy conveners, said that some confusion arose after the Wednesday joint presser at Karachi Press Club (KPC).

“The MQM will contest election with its symbol and manifesto and what happened the other day was just a political alliance which may happen with any political party,” Jameel told reporters.

“The Rabita Committee has reposed its complete trust in Farooq Sattar as a leader and we are united under his leadership,” he said, adding the MQM was not ready to make alliance with someone on seat it had already won.

Commenting on the presser, Mustafa Kamal said that the parties were going to merge. “We have made alliance with Farooq Sattar and it matters what he says,” Kamal told a news channel.

“Some members had expressed their reservations and we had to clear them,” Naveed told reporters earlier. He said that three important decisions were made during the meeting. First is that MQM’s name, flag, election symbol and manifesto will remain intact, he said.

“MQM would stay the same as it was, political alliances are formed quite often and there is nothing extra ordinary regarding it,” he claimed, adding it has nothing to do with MQM’s integrity. He also stated examples of political alliances in the past, such as the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad and the Pakistan National Alliance.

The members also decided that MQM will contest the elections on the seats they have won earlier. Moreover, the party leadership has shown trust in the leadership of Sattar. “We have a united stance that we want Sattar to lead us.”

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Petitioners ask centre not to oblige Sindh govt for replacing IGP

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: The Petitioners in Constitution Petition in Sindh High Court for Police Reforms have written a letter to the Federal Secretary of Cabinet Division that the recommendation of the Sindh Government to replace the current Inspector General of Police A.D. Khawaja with Sardar Abdul Majeed Dasti shall not be approved.

In a letter sent through Mr. Faisal Siddiqi, advocate the civil society’s petitioners in the Constitution Petition No. 7097 of 2016 have contended that the recommendation of the Sindh Government for change in IGP is clearly “malafide, illegal and a deliberate attempt” to subvert the Judgment dated: 07-09-2017 passed by the Honourable Sindh High Court.

“We are not aware about whether the malafide decision/recommendation of the Sindh Government has been conveyed to you or not. However, we are making a representation on behalf of the Civil Society Persons, firstly because they were the Petitioners in the Constitution Petition wherein the Sindh Court passed the Judgment dated: 07-09-2017 pursuant to which everything is happening. Secondly, the Civil Society persons being the representatives in the abovementioned Constitution Petitions would be affected by any decision that is passed by the Federal Government on the malafide recommendation of the Sindh Government,” the letter stated.

The letter has pointed out that the provincial government has majorly based its recommendation for appointment of Mr. Dasti on the reason that Mr. A. D. Khowaja, has been appointed on OPS (own-pay-scale) basis and that the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, through Order dated: 09-05-2014 passed in CPLA No.108-K of 2014, has issued directions that all officers’ posted on OPS basis should be returned to their substantive posts. The aforementioned basis of the recommendation is clearly malafide and illegal for many reasons.

Elucidating the reasons, the letter has mentioned that Mr. A.D. Khowaja was appointed on 12-03-2016 on OPS basis by the Sindh Government itself. They referred to Para 72 of the Judgment dated: 07-09-2017 that: “We are not unmindful of the point raised by the learned counsel for the Petitioners that the Respondent No.7 was appointed on OPS basis by and/or with the concurrence of the Provincial Government, and it does not therefore now lie with it to argue to the contrary.”

Moreover, the letter stated: Sindh Government has failed to provide any record of the aforementioned proceedings before the court, including but not limited to the aforementioned Order dated: 09-05-2014, therefore, the applicability of the aforementioned Order dated: 09-05-2014 to the factual and legal position of the current controversy cannot be ascertained.

The letter further mentioned that the Sindh Government has also based its recommendation on the reason that a BPS-22 Grade Officer, namely Mr. Sardar Abdul Majeed Dasti, is available so the position of the IG in Sindh should be occupied by such Officer. The petitioners argued that this reasoning is a repeat of the Notification dated: 01-04-2017 through which the Sindh Government had earlier removed Mr. A.D. Khowaja with Mr. Sardar Abdul Majeed Dasti as Inspector General of Sindh Police and this very Notification was quashed by the Sindh High Court in Para 101(g) of the Judgment dated: 07-09-2017. Therefore, this is also a malafide reasoning given to subvert the Judgment dated: 07-09-2017 passed by the Sindh High Court.

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No peace in Middle East without resolving Palestinian issue: Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK (Online): Pakistan told a U.N. committee that there can be no lasting peace in the Middle East without a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

“A viable, independent and contiguous State of Palestine on the basis of the internationally agreed parameters, the pre-1967 borders and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, is the only sustainable guarantee for enduring peace in the Middle East, “Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, permanent representative of Pakistan to the U.N., said in a speech to the General Assembly’s Fourth Committee, which deals with Special Political and Decolonization questions.

“A long-term solution would also require the withdrawal of occupation forces from all Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan Heights,” she said while participating in a debate on Israel’s practices in occupied Arab lands.

In her remarks, she deplored Israel’s escalation of settlement building in the occupied territories as a blow to the peace process. “This is a tragic setback to peace, and a retreat from a two-state “solution” to a one-state “illusion,” Ambassador Lodhi said.

“Nothing is more detrimental to this vision than the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories,” she added.

The Pakistani envoy said the situation in occupied land attested to a systemic pattern of human rights violations that impacted every aspect of daily life in Palestine. Arbitrary detentions, home demolitions and revocation of land rights amounted to collective punishment of Palestinians.

Countless resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly — this collective voice of the international community — has failed to tip the scales of justice in favour of the long-suffering Palestinians, she said. “This travesty must end,” Ambassador Lodhi emphasized.

“A just peace in Palestine is not only a matter of regional significance; it is the primary condition for global peace and security.”

The Pakistan envoy reaffirmed support to the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying there was no alternative to that option. “A two-state “solution” remains an absolute imperative as there is no “Plan B” for the region,”she said.

Ambassador Lodhi said the recent political reconciliation between the Palestinian factions — Fatah and Hamas — now offered reasons for optimism for real progress.

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PM Abbasi says no other army of the world is parallel to Pakistan army

F.P. Report

RAWALPINDI: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Line of Control (LoC) in Chirikot sector.

PM AJK was also present. PM was briefed by General Officer Commanding on situation along LoC, Indian Cease Fire Violations (CFVs) targeting civilians and befitting professional response by Pakistan Army.

The Prime Minister condemned Indian unprofessional approach of targeting innocent civilians. He said that Pakistan shall continue its political, diplomatic and moral support to Kashmiris for their just struggle.

While interacting with families of Shaheeds and Injured due to Indian shelling, PM appreciated their determination and resolve. PM announced enhancement in financial assistance to the families of Shaheeds / injured and approved funds to develop community protection bunkers for safety of civilian population.

COAS directed immediate evacuation of teen aged girl to AFIRM for artificial limb as she had lost her leg due to Indian shelling.

Later PM also interacted with troops. He acknowledged and appreciated contributions & sacrifices of Pakistan Army in defending motherland and for protecting people of Azad Kashmir.

“No other Army of the world is parallel to Pak Army. Restoration of peace against terrorism despite our commitments against perpetual threat from eastern border is a milestone achievement and together we shall take it towards enduring peace and stability” PM said.

Earlier upon arrival PM and COAS were received by Commander Rawalpindi Corps.

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Musharraf returns to the political scene with 23-party strong alliance

ISLAMABAD (NNI): All Pakistan Muslim League (AML) chief and former army chief General (r) Pervez Musharraf formed a 23-party alliance on Friday.

The decision came just one day after the collapse of the MQM-PSP alliance fall out after Farooq Sattar conducted a controversial press conference in which he resigned.

Former president and army chief General (r) Musharraf announced the name of the new alliance as

A few hours later, at the behest of his mother and party workers, Farooq Sattar took back his resignation.

“We have decided to name this alliance as Pakistan Awami Ittehad,” said Musharraf. “I am grateful to allies for electing me as the leader of the political struggle,” he added.

After PSP and MQM had announced their political alliance, Pervez Musharraf had been the first to congratulate both parties.

APML workers were the first ones to arrive at Karachi Press Club and distribute sweets among PSP and MQM workers after the joint presser had concluded.