Catholics versus evangels

According to the media, the number of evangelical Christians and preachers has mushroomed over the years in the traditionally Catholic Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the reports, opening a religious cemetery has no legal restriction or constitutional obligation and anyone could start a church, while it has become a lucrative business in Kinshasa. As said, Evangelicals are on the rise while numerous Congolese evangelical leaders style themselves as archbishops and prophets, or even apostles. Many of the Bishops own television channels, preach their sect online, dressed immaculately, and roam the streets of cities.

Religious belief and spiritual rituals had always played an important role in the moral and social grooming of mankind, however, religious clerics used those divine teaching and ideas for self-promotion, and grouping for the sole purpose of dividing and ruling the followers. Over time politicians and rulers also used religious sentiments to gain power and consolidate their rules in their nations. Interestingly, Catholicism has long been the dominant religion in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a 130-million-strong western African nation. However, former Congolese dictator Mobutu Seko encouraged evangelical pastors in a bid to weaken the power of the Catholic Church, which often rallied opposition against him. The reports suggest that most of the poor Congolese had been promised a better life, money, or love in reward for conversion to the Evangelical sect.

The current statistics revealed that the Congolese Chothalic majority sharply thinned over the past decades and presently there is a 40/35 ratio between Catholics and Evangelicals respectively. The Catholic clerics are worried about a sharp decrease in their followers and using multiple recipes to regain the majority and recently arranged a visit by the Pope to reenergize Chothalism in the country. Interestingly, there are also reports that many Chothalic-turned Evangelicals are beginning to return to the mother church as the promised miracles fail to show up, did not end their financial miseries, and increased their depression.

In fact, hegemonism is the sole agenda of all competing nations, religions, and ideologies in the world, while every other influencer uses fictional stories to persuade the audience. Sooner or later, lies naked before the truth, whereas, reality rules the world forever.