CIA in the Hands of Trump

According to media reports, CIA Director Gina Haspel threatened to resign in early December after President Trump cooked up a hasty plan to install loyalist Kashyap Pramod Patel,  ethnically Gujarati Indian , a former aide to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), as her deputy, according to three senior administration officials with direct knowledge of the matter. The unprecedented move stunned national security officials and top hierarchy of world powerful spy agency. Ultimately, this move would have impact on the performance and efficiency of lower echelons of the CIA. However, reaction from the CIA’s Chief and intervention by the Vice President Mike Pence resulted in the postponement of the President’s decision.

President Trump is a successful businessman and became the most power man of the World due to huge investment in the US Politics. Although, he remained successful in business but could not be a successful politician or President of the US, because durng his last movements in the White House many of his supporters and opponents want to throw him out of his position. His era was a full show of authoritarian government instead of a Constitutional Democracy in the United States. Trump has always tried to put the things best in his own favor instead of replenishing National demands. One in the third world can’t imagine that it can happen in the world’s oldest democracy in 21st century.

One thing re-called the memory of many Pakistanis, when they heard the tale of CIA’s fate on the hands of Trump. Those are the United States continuous efforts to install a civilian head of the Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) through Pakistani civilian leadership. US had made several efforts for it during previous governments which was strongly opposed by the country’s military leadership and American’s agenda remained unfulfilled. The objective of US desire was to destroy the strategic importance and effectiveness of ISI at International level by installing a non-professional leadership of the top agency. The same challenge was met by the CIA during Trump’s era, who wanted to post his own loyalist at the top of the Agency to serve his personal needs instead of US national security objectives. However, we Pakistanis do not think the way American’s do, we opt similar thing for others as opt for ourselves. After CIA’s experience, Pakistanis hope that in future, Americans will not undertake any effort to pursue similar goal in Pakistan.