CM terms approaching provincial budget economic and masses friendly

Wadood Jan

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said on Monday that upcoming provincial budget would be economic friendly adding that a huge amount of budget would be spent on the development of merged districts,

He was speaking at a meeting, held here at Chief Minister’s (CM) House, and said that provincial government was focusing on the revenue generating resources and for the purpose the productive departments would be prioritized in Annual Developmental Programme of the upcoming fiscal year.

“Ongoing developmental schemes in the province would be accomplished at earliness,” he stated and added that forthcoming schemes and projects would also be free of any political interests.

He maintained that revenue production capacity of tourism, minerals, energy and other important departments would be improved as these departments remained potential. 

“Approaching provincial budget would be both masses and economic friendly and would address the core issues to resolve them in the interest of public,” he asserted by adding that advancement of merged districts has been prioritized in the collective development process of the province.

Mahmood Khan added that government was aware of the problems of the masses and has been struggling to give them relief within the available resources.