Corruption eroding values, govt not to tolerate it any more: Sarwar

F.P. Report

FAISALABAD: Corruption is a plague which is eroding our social, economic, social and political values and the government will not tolerate it any more.

Theis was stated by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Lahore-Abdul Hakim Motorway (M-3) and later on talking to the media at Jaranwala Interchange on Sunday.

He said that people of Pakistan were suffering due to massive loot and plunder in the country. During the past 70 years, the successive governments have failed to provide even basic amenities to people. He said that people who have the experience to work with Prime Minister Imran Khan knew it well that he is a right person to launch a culture of zero corruption in the country.

He said that it has become a fashion to criticise government departments in order to conceal the corrupt practices. He said that all institutions including the judiciary were working independently and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government never tried to influence any departments. The courts verdicts against the PTI leaders was a proof in this regard, he added.

The governor said that the PTI hates corruption as a policy matter and it cannot allow anyone to indulge in corrupt practices irrespective of the political affiliations. He said that the PTI government was open for democratic discussions to further fine-tune anti-corruption laws without allowing anybody to politicise the cases to save their ill-gotten wealth.

He said that the forum of parliament was available and the PTI government would welcome any tangible recommendations to make amendments to the anti-corruption laws.

He said that Pakistan and China were enjoying cordinal relations almost in all fields of economy, which will further grow in the coming years under visionary leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Responding to a question about Indian plans to isolate Pakistan, he said that international community accepted our narrative that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi could add fuel to fire just to win the elections. He said that the PTI government successfully defended Pakistani narrative, which is based on principles. Our brave armed forces have also defended our geographical frontiers, he added.

The governor said that the government would provide clean drinking water to people in Punjab and the Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority is being created to provide potable water to the every individual. He said that 50 per cent population was suffering due to contaminated water consumption. “I have just attended the meeting of doctors who said that more than 70 per cent diseases are water-borne, which could be avoided only by providing clean drinking water to masses,” he added.

MNAs Nawaz Sher Waseer, Sheikh Khurram, Amir Dogar, Mian Shafiq and others were also present.