Court sends Khetran on 10-day physical remand

QUETTA (Agencies): A court in Quetta has sent Balochistan’s Minister for Construction and Communications Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran into police custody on a 10-day physical remand. Earlier, the minister was produced in the court amid tight security. Khetran had been arrested yesterday (Wednesday, February 22, 2023) in connection with the murder of three persons.
According to the police official, he was arrested in the DIG Police Office Quetta when he appeared before DIG in the afternoon. “Khetran is accused of murdering three people of Marri Tribe, a woman and her two sons and that is why he has been taken into custody,” police said, as the protesters continued their sit-in in Quetta for the second consecutive day demanding justice.
In an utterly inhuman and woeful incident, three bullet-riddled bodies were found in a well in the Barkhan district on Monday. The relatives of the deceased blamed the provincial minister Abdul Rahman Khetran for the killings. According to the reports, Khan Mohammed, a local, used to work as a bodyguard of Abdul Rehman Khetran. But after developing some differences with Sardar he fled from Barkhan but his family was held hostage by the Sardar.
Khan Mohammad’s wife released a video message and pleaded for her family’s release from the private jail of Khetran. Previously, she had also said that she and her daughter were routinely sexually assaulted by Abdul Rehman Khetran.
Remaining family members of Khan Marri recovered by Levies Force: Levies Force personnel, during an operation in Nana Sahib area of Dukki district of Balochistan, recovered rest of the family members of Khan Muhammad Marri on Thursday.
Levies sources said a son of Khan Muhammad Marri was recovered from Dukki while, in another operation, two sons were recovered from Dera Bugti-Barkhan border area. Two daughters were also recovered, one from Barkhan and other from Dera Bugti. It merits mentioning here that three other family members of Khan Muhammad Marri – Giran Naz and her son and daughter – were recovered from Dukki-Barkhan border area, said Levies sources.
All the six family members of Khan Muhammad Marri are in safe custody of government. The police had found dead bodies of two sons of Khan Muhammad Marri and another woman from a well of Barkhan area. The Marri tribes had started a protest sit-in after placing corpses in front of Chief Minister’s House which was ongoing.
Government officials said Giran Naz and her children will be presented before media and details of all operations conducted in this regard will be divulged. On Wednesday night, the police had arrested Balochistan Communication Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran. Levies force had discovered three mutilated bodies from a well in the Haji Kot area of the Barkhan district on Monday night.