Crazy plane passenger picks up fight during flight

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The mental condition of a passenger boarding an international PIA flight was deteriorated as he picked up a quarrel with crew members, got physical with them, broke the window glass of the plane endangering lives of hundreds of other fellow passengers, on Monday.

According to aviation sources, the incident took place on September 14, when a mentally challenged passenger named Abdullah started a quarrel in flight PK 283, going to Dubai from Peshawar. The enraged passenger broke the window of the plane. He started punching and kicking seats. This panicked the other passengers. The cabin crew reached the spot and tried to stop the passenger but he attacked the crew as well.

However, cabin crew managed to tie the feet and hands of passenger as per the aviation law and informed the captain.

Later, the plane’s captain contacted Dubai Airport’s air traffic controller and called for security. The passenger was offloaded from the flight and detained by the security officials at Dubai airport.

“The incident occurred on September 14 and the passenger was deported from the same flight and also blacklisted by the Pakistan International Airlines,” said the PIA officials.