DASA seeks deployable anti-submarine warfare technologies

F.P. Report

LONDON: The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is pleased to launch a new Market Exploration as a workstream of Project CHARYBDIS, which seeks systems and technologies that could deliver persistent, deployable uncrewed maritime assets.

This is one workstream of Project CHARYBDIS, which is being delivered by DASA & the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) on behalf of the Royal Navy.

This Market Exploration is run on behalf of the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA), and project CHARYBDIS is part of Navy Command’s ASW Spearhead Programme. In support of this the SDA have commissioned DASA to search for related innovative technologies and sub-systems. The SDA are separately commissioning concept studies from suppliers with expertise in overall integrated ASW systems, which is being advertised through the Defence Sourcing Portal.

If you don’t have a login you can still access this from the homepage:

  • on the DSP homepage select ‘View DSP Opportunities’
  • select the drop down arrow on ‘Enter Filter’
  • select ‘Project Info’
  • insert 705492450 into ‘Value’ section
  • search

Suppliers are welcome to participate in either or both workstreams.

Do you have an innovative solution? Read the full Market Exploration now and submit your idea.

Exploring underwater security systems and their capabilities

Our Market Exploration aims to identify, prototype, trial and deliver technologies that could support persistent deployable uncrewed capabilities to detect, classify, localise, and report underwater hostiles with a focus on wide areas of ocean.

We are looking for innovations (covering related technologies and systems) that could credibly result in an improvement to uncrewed anti-submarine warfare capability, focusing on the following areas:

  • Sensors for underwater hostile threats, or their signature.
  • E.g. active acoustic, passive acoustic and non-acoustic.
  • Platforms including uncrewed seabed, underwater, surface and air.
  • E.g. Overall structures, mobility options, tethering.
  • Analysis including on-board uncrewed platforms, and off-board.
  • E.g. Data management, structuring and processing.
  • Communication including in-water, above-water, through surface and tethered.
  • E.g. associated software, firmware, hardware and integration (e.g. standards).
  • Launch & Recovery solutions across all domains and locations
  • E.g. Crewed and uncrewed options to deploy and recover systems
  • Power sources spanning generation, storage and transfer.
  • E.g. Renewables and Non-renewables.
  • Station-keeping and Propulsion, spanning related platforms
  • E.g. Tethering, Anchoring, Traditional rotary propulsion, Buoyancy systems, Biomimetics.
  • Navigation, including internal and external.
  • Data, including collection, processing, storage, management and wiping.
  • Maintenance and sustainment options.
  • Training, options including relevant simulations.
  • Validation, options including test-targets.