Democracy and criminal riots at Capitol Hills

Yesterday, a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol and force fully entered the Senate Building, where US lawmakers were assembled to recount the Presidential Election votes and certify the victory of President Elect Joe Biden. As reported, the protesters, who were the Trump supporters gathered outside the White House in the morning, where President Trump gave them boost and urged them to march to the Capitol. The protesters rushed to the Capitol Hills and had clashed with the police detailed on Security of the building. The mob breached the building, shouting and waving Trump and American flags and marched through the halls. Police told the Lawmakers to duck under their seats for cover and put on gas masks after tear gas was used in the Capitol Rotunda.

The Police tried to keep the protesters away from the Congressional building, but the mob entered the building violently. During these clashes between Police and the violent Trump’s supporters 4 people including one woman, Ashli Babbitt died, 33 rioters were arrested whereas 56 Police officers got injuries. According to statement of Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the mob used metal pipes and chemical irritants against Police officers while breaching the building. After these violent protests Washington’s mayor Muriel Bowser, imposed an evening curfew in order to contain the violence.

During this violence, President Trump spent his time in a private dining room, while watching scenes of the violence on television. Meanwhile, twitter blocked Trump’s twitter account and advised him to remove his tweets excusing violence and threatened him for “permanent suspension if he again misuse tweeter platform.

After the announcement of results of the Presidential Election, Trump rejected the results and started inciting his supporters and Republican lawmakers to criticize and manipulate the Election result in his favor. Due to Trump continuous rhetoric and incitement Trump Sympathizers sorted to use all the ways and means whether fair or otherwise to overturn the Biden’s victory into his defeat. By adapting these ways, Trump supporters practically proved that “ambitions eclipsed Principle”. Under these emotions, a senior US law makers Louie Gohmert filed a bid in the US Court and claimed that Vice President Mike Pence could invalidate the Biden’s win in the US election as Presiding officer of the Senate, if objection raise by the US lawmakers during confirmation hearing on Jan 06. But Court Jury dismissed this bid and said that argument did not have “standing” demanded by the Article-III of US Constitution. Besides it, 11 Republican senators planned to object the results of several states to obstruct the Biden’s confirmation, and they did it but could not succeeded.

All these efforts were based on Trump’s egoistic approach to the results of Presidential election 2020, which does not fulfill his ambition or lust of power. Being white American, Trump tactic fully used the sentiments of Nationalism during his election campaign in 2016. Although, American society is a liberal and pluralistic society, but a small segment of White Red Skins is very rigid and extremist. Usually US elections have been contested on internal and external policy issues but in 2016 Presidential election, nationalist approach was used by the Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump by raising the slogan of “Make the America Great Again”. Although, this slogan got much popularity in the masses, but it promotes radicalized sentiments in the White section of the society and deepen the division line among various sections of American Society. It had presented a big challenge to American democracy and society by its rigid and egoistic attitude and enormous sense of superiority from other fellow Americans. The new trends introduced by the Trump’s era had changed the US democratic cultural, societal values and its image at International level. These new trends have changed the American politics a lot.

It has been noticed that the violent mob was consists of only white extremists, Common Americans do not indulge in physical violence as it happened yesterday. The aggressive and violent style portrays that most of the protesters were criminals or members of MS-13 gang, who are ruthless and violent in their routine life. This extremist behavior does not represent the American society but during last four years, it badly affected the American society and interests across the Globe.