Deputy Miniter reiterates commitment to fight drugs

KABUL (TOLOnews): The deputy minister of counter-narcotics, Abdulhaq Akundzada, said the commitment to fight drugs and said alcoholic beverages, as well as a number of illicit drugs, are brought to Afghanistan from Iran, Pakistan and Central Asia.
Akhundzada asked the countries to prevent the trafficking of drugs to Afghanistan. “If the narcotics are being trafficked to Iran, Pakistan and Central Asian countries or anywhere else, we will prevent it. We have arrested many of them.
Therefore, drugs are coming from their countries to our country. We want them to secure their borders and prevent the export of these materials to our country,” he said.
Akhundzada said the trafficking of drugs from these countries is mostly to the northern province of Badakhshan, Takhar and Kunduz. He also acknowledged the existence of opium trafficking from Afghanistan to abroad.
“Some drugs are coming from Central Asia. There are sometimes reports of drugs known as ‘Tablet K’ and wine,” Akundzada said.
Analysts said that drug trafficking to Afghanistan from neighboring countries will affect the country’s security.
“If the import of the drugs surges, it can affect security in Afghanistan and it can surge the number of drug addicts in our country,” said Sadiq Shinwari, a military veteran.
“The world should engage with the Islamic Emirate and the Islamic Emirate should draw the assistance of the countries and help farmers to find an alternative for poppy farming,” said Ajmal Zurmati, an international relations analyst. According to the deputy minister of counter-narcotics, so far, over 3,600 people have been arrested on charges of drug trafficking.