Development Potentials of GB

F.P. Report

GB Is strategically very important, is a gateway to China, and its boarder touched with India and Russia too. The friendship with China with Pakistan is because GB sensitive Location of GB.
The people of GB waged a war against foreign occupants without help of any country and snatched enemy’s weapons and won the war, which has no parallel in the history of world.
They joined Pakistan in August 1948 without any condition. But after 70 years the region is waiting for its constitutional status. Many governments installed in Pakistan never serious to give Constitutional status to GB as according to their version it is connected with Kashmir issue.
GB was never been part of Kashmir but taken away due aggression. Before creation of Pakistan State Subject was signed by the Dogra regime with sheikh Abdullah and Nehru as prevalent in occupied Kashmir which guarantees protection Of resident if the area. According to state subject nonresident of GB cannot buy land and get Domicile. The state subject was a vanguard for protection of rights of local population.
The FCR was lifted by Z.A. Bhutto which was imposed after creation of Pakistan. The FCR was not relevant to GB as GB has no tribal culture. It an unwarranted law. But soon after creation of Pakistan the political officers coming from NWFP imposed the FCR to strengthen their government because the political got power to put anybody Behind the bar 6 month without any trial.
The state subject lifted by the federal government which opened a flood gate to non-residents of GB who had a free hand to buy land and domicile Of GB which deprived the resident of GB resulted in pouring in nonresident to services and getting land. This culture dimished the chances of employment of resident of GB being not compatible and low standard of education.
There was no high school in GB and for higher education they had To move to Srinagar Key positions were occupied by them. The nonresidents have sound education too away all facilities. Recent upheaval in Kashmir is because of Indian move to kill the special status of Kashmir and divided in two provinces. The accord was signed by Sheikh Abdullah and Nehru in 1948 the so called lion of Kashmir cheated the whole nation. But the present Modi government threw the accord in dustbin and changed the status. Now India Is planning to raise certain housing segment to settle Hindu population to turn the majority
Muslim population in minority. The article 370 has been abrogated and 2 provinces made and Kashmir merged with India. This move has been initiated to suppress their will to self Determination. Two provinces Kashmir and Ladakh approved. Pakistan raised the issue at the highest forum of UN assembly and Prime Minister of Pakistan Effectively advocated the wishes of Kashmiris and presented the real picture of miseries of Muslim in IHK. OIc and other international organization were requested to join hand Pakistan.
To stop the tyranny and cruel policy of India where 1 lac people killed 50000 injured and 20000 women raped, 1888 people lost their eyes due to use of palit guns by Indian for Islamic world is a silent spectator and did not notice of this grave situation. 223 days have been passed but there is still curfew, juma prayers and Muharrum processions not allowed.
Lifesaving drug not available as the shops are closed. Denial of basic rights refused and the Whole area has been turned into a jail. UN is inactive to address the issues of Muslims and Proactive to establish separate state of East Tamoor being Christian population. Pakistan and India are both nuclear states and if the situated is unabated it may lead to nuclear war which will put the survival of whole region in danger.
My late father Shamim Baltistan always took the matter of Restoration of State Subject in GB and wrote many articles but government did any notice now the present setup is run through an order which is not backed a legal frame work. The rein of power still in the hand of federal government. Fund allotted to the GB is just peanuts which is less than CDA budget of capital. The reforms brought by federal government didt bear fruits and its implementation was weak lack of monitoring and corrupt practices.
PTI policy toward Kashmir is same and they don’t want to a legal status to GB, Recent visit of PM was very important as the PTI leadership of GB indicated a visible announcement but all In vain as the main speech was circled to put the opposition to put behind the bar.
The brave people of GB still waiting for a constitution right which is denied after 70 years. There is a need to seriously think about the matter which is aggravating sense of Deprivation among the youth which can be misused by foreign elements to create serious law and order situation in sensitive boarder area.
The mega project of Shahraha Baltistan is a big step, will usher a new era of prosperity and Development and provide a stable chain of communication to Siachan which is our bloodline.
The major segment of 5 tunnels have been excluded, which has defaced the project as 5 tunnels would have shorten it distance to 114 otherwise it would be 150 km will increase the journey time and cost of fuel. The present government must think over it to ensure Construction of 5 tunnels according to PC1 approved by the federal government.
The construction of Satpara Dam is a failed project as it has not been contrasted as per PC-1 the tunnel of Sotong Stream excluded and Dam is facing acute shortage. Only 1200 million required to construct the tunnel. The federal government should think over it serious otherwise the amount will go into waste.
The total electric requirement of Skardu population is 13 megawatt and the production 8 megawatt. It learnt that there is some leakage in satpara dam which is quite dangerous for the skardu population.
There is a need to thoroughly investigate the matter before any disaster. I hope that provincial and federal government will take notice of my valid observations.