Didn’t like the way Imran Khan ran his campaign using religion: Accused

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Important facts were revealed as the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Friday interrogated the Wazirabad firing incident accused, Naveed.

Naveed listed reasons for his disliking the way Imran Khan wanted to run his political campaign on religious lines.

In a confessional statement claimed by local news channel, Naveed said Imran Khan quoting the Prophet (PBUH) talked of spreading his message. Imran Khan has asked his supporters to spread his message the way Holy Prophet had preached Islam, he added.

He further said this statement of Imran Khan insinuated that he is himself a prophet of the 14th Islamic century. “I did not like that,” he added.

“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the seal of prophethood. The State of Medinah was envisioned and built by the Prophet, we did not need another state of Madinah,” he made it clear in his statement.

“How can Imran talk about the state of Medina? Music was being played from the container at the time of Azaan,” he said.

Drug addict

The interrogation from the accused revealed that the accused was a drug addict, and he bought 26 bullets along with a pistol for Rs20,000.

He bought the pistol from one named Waqas who took it from another person named Faisal Butt, according to police.

Raids were carried out at the houses of Waqas and Faisal Butt in Wazirabad and Sialkot, respectively, but they could not be arrested.

The accused first tried to use the roof of a mosque to fire shots at his target, but the police did not allow him to go to the roof because Asr prayers were being offered in the mosque at that time.

The accused reached the crime scene through the bypass. He used to listen to the speeches of two religious personalities.

His cell phone was also sent for a forensic check. Speeches of the religious personalities had been found in his cell phone.

It was also learnt that the accused kept asking the participants of the long march to stop party songs during prayers.

At a distance of 15 to 20 steps from the container, he fired all the bullets in a burst mode.

The bullets in the pistol were locally made. After eight shots were fired, one bullet got stuck in the pistol.

In his statement to the investigation team, the accused said that he had returned from Saudi Arabia some time ago because the country established relations with Israel.

The accused also stated that he had bought the pistol from Wazirabad for Rs20,000, adding that Imran Khan was his only target.

Imran Khan’s guards fired back at me with three to five bullets, he further said.

Inquiry handed over to CTD

Earlier, the inquiry into the firing incident during the long march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Wazirabad was Friday handed over to the CTD.

The accused was moved to the CTD headquarters in Lahore.

The higher authorities of the CTD interrogated him. The case of the incident will be registered at the CTD police station or Wazirabad City police station.

It is to be noted here that PTI Chairman Imran Khan and other party leaders were injured after gunshots were fired by the accused near the container of the long march.

One person had died in the incident.