Discipline, awareness of consciousness subject to edu

F.P. Report
PESHAWAR: It is possible to reach the destination only with discipline, manners, cleanliness and the best spirit. Through discipline, an educated and conscious nation can lead its country on the path of development. University model school expresses these ideas. School Principal Nighat Khattak addressed the 54th school houses installation ceremony
He warmly welcomed the chief guest, Dr. Kinza Ayaz, Lecturer, Institute of Pathology and Diagnostic Medicine, Khyber Medical University. It is the mission of the University Model School to enlighten the young nation with the awareness of manners, discipline and consciousness.
The success of this world and the hereafter is based on spiritual well-being, including knowledge and awareness. To achieve all these qualities, we have introduced a housing system from nursery to class 10, which is four sections: Sayeda Aisha, Sayeda Zainab, Sayeda Fatima and Saida Khadijah.
Houses consist of a captain and vice-captain for each house are selected through election on the basis of talent and best performance. After selection, newly selected cadets are also given regular training. At the end of entertaining the audience, the chief guest distributed badges and sashes to the students leaders of the houses.