Distribution of uniforms for security forces begins in Herat

HERAT (ToloNews): Local officials in Herat said that the process of distributing uniforms for the security forces of the Islamic Emirate has been started in this province.
According to officials, three thousand security force members have received uniforms so far.
“Currently we just distribute to police who are in checkpoints and this process is ongoing,” said Hamid Ullah Mutawakil, spokesman for the governor of Herat.
“A security person can be identified by this uniform,” said Abdul Rahman, a police officer.
“We are so happy for these uniforms, no one can misuse these uniforms,” said Amanullah, a policeman.
Herat residents welcome the wearing of special uniforms by the forces of the Islamic Emirate.
“A policeman and a common man must have a difference, and we called on the Islamic Emirate to order other policemen to wear uniforms,” said Sultan Ahmad Noril, a Herat resident.
“If he has a uniform, we understand that he is the national army or the national police, it’s very good work,” said Ahsanullah Rezaye, a Herat resident. The presence of Islamic Emirate forces without uniforms in the cities has always been accompanied by criticism.