Doctor treating cleft lip, cleft palate for free in Kabul

KABUL (TOLOnews): An Afghan doctor said he would treat 70 children with the condition of cleft lip or cleft palate in a private hospital in Kabul.
After Kabul, the doctor Ghafar Ghayor said that he would provide cleft lip and palate treatment in Helmand province.
“I am currently in Kabul. I intend to perform free surgeries at Rail Hospital on about 70 patients. After that, my intention is to travel to Helmand, where 150 kids are awaiting surgery,” the doctor said.
Patients’ families said that they were grateful for the Afghan doctor’s free treatment of children because they were unable to treat their children due to financial difficulties.
“Since the day he was born, he has been in this condition. We took him to several physicians. We came here to visit Dr. Ghafar because of our financial circumstances. He provided free medical care,” said Shafiqullah, a family member of a patient.
“We are quite pleased and satisfied with Doctor Ghafar. It is a service for people who have financial troubles and it is nice work,” said Nader Khan, a family member of a patient.
This doctor previously provided free surgery and treatment to 150 children in the province of Kunduz.