‘Documentary Filmmaking’ concluded

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, PID and PIC will conduct more training workshops for capacity building of young and mid-career journalists. Ashfaq Ahmed Khalil

A two-day training workshop on “Documentary Filmmaking” organized by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Press Information Department Peshawar and Pakistan Information Center concluded at Peshawar Press Club. Chief Guest and Peshawar Press Club President Arshad Aziz Malik said in his comments that today’s era is the era of digital media and acquisition of new technology is the need of the hour. He said that it is a pleasure to organize such a workshop for journalists.

DG PID Peshawar Ashfaq Ahmed Khalil highlighted the objectives of the workshop in his address. He said that Pakistan Information Center is a subsidiary of Press Information Department and works under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan.

Pakistan Information Center is currently established in seven different cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, Muzaffarabad, Quetta and Gilgit-Baltistan. Ashfaq Ahmed Khalil further said that the aim of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is not only to enhance the capacity of young and mid-career media persons but also to provide modern knowledge to face the challenges in the world of digital media.

On the second day of the workshop, Senior Journalist and Bureau Chief Snow TV Safiullah Gul told the training participants that a journalist should do a full research on the subject before making a documentary so that he can understand who his target audience is and that What is desired requires complete homework.

He further said that it is very important for the journalist to have an emotional attachment with the documentary because it influences his documentary and for that the journalist should have a positive mindset. The participants also participated in various practical exercises which is one of the features of this workshop.

Senior producer Tahir Mehmood said that before making any documentary, a journalist should consider 3 basic things, idea or planning, recording and post production. He further said that it is a very vast field whose value is increasing day by day.

Muhammad Faheem Senior Anchorperson asked the participants to make documentaries as an exercise which the participants successfully completed. This was followed by an interactive session in which the participants actively participated and had a lively discussion on various issues.

For the first time, online participation for journalists was organized in the workshop, in which representatives of press clubs from different districts of the province participated online. They asked questions online and the trainers answered them satisfactorily. Journalists from various newspapers, TV channels participated in the two-day workshop.

Ashfaq Ahmed Khalil and Arshad Aziz Malik distributed certificates among the workshop participants and appreciated their active participation.