ECP expresses concerns over President’s ‘choice of words’

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Responding to President Dr Arif Alvi’s letter, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has expressed reservations over the words used by the president while addressing constitutional institutions.

In the letter, the electoral watchdog – while expressing reservations – said that president should have use a “better choice of words” while addressing other constitutional institutions. “The office of the president is the highest constitutional body whereas all other constitutional and legal bodies are under constitutional obligation to offer utmost respect for the president,” the letter stated.

“We are sure that it is impartial and expect paternal guidance from this prestigious in office towards other constitutional bodies,” the ECP wrote, adding that there will be better choice of words while addressing such other constitutional institutions. The letter further stated that the ECP abides by the Constitution and the law and that the electoral watchdog’s job was to conduct elections whereas the president and the governors were responsible for announcing election dates.

“According to Article 48(5) of the Constitution, where the National Assembly is dissolved by the president, he shall appoint a date for the election and appoint a Caretaker cabinet,” it noted, adding: “Under Article 105(3)(a), he shall appoint a date for General Elections to the assembly and shall appoint a caretaker cabinet”. The ECP pointed out that after dissolution of both provincial assemblies, the commission approached governors of both provinces for appointment of a date for elections, and also sent reminders. (INP)