ECP to re-verify voters aged 100

ISLAMABAD (INP): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to carry out a door-to-door re-verification of voters aged 100 and above. The ECP said that it has provided details of voters aged 100 and above to the provincial and district offices for a re-verification process. “Their names will be added to the voters’ list after getting verified in door to door campaign,” it said adding that the process will continue until August 13.
The ECP further said that the process to finalize the voters’ list is in the last phase. On Saturday, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) rectified its error and added 115100 voters to the voters’ list after they were declared dead previously. According to sources, the voters were added to the list after a verification process and the commission has further directed its field officials to ensure the errors in the list are rectified before their publication on August 25.
“Previously there were 3,208,895 voters in the list of dead voters which were later reduced to 3,093,877 after a verification process,” they said. In November 2021, the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) released the updated voter list from across the country comprising 121.1 million active voters. The active voters of the country stand at 121,199,970 eligible people registered for voting with Punjab claiming 69 million, more than half of the entire active voter strength, of them, ECP numbers said.
The province of Sindh comes trailing with about 25,582,000 voters registered with the election regulatory. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stands with 20,611,000 active voters, ECP said, adding that Balochistan has 5,037,000 active electoral strength. Following are Islamabad with over 0.9 million voters. In the gender breakup, men voter numbers stand at around 66,561,710, claiming the 55 per cent share, while 54,439,799 are the women voters, which is the remaining 45 pc.