Sharjeel urges PTI workers not to act on incitements of Imran

F.P. Report
KARACHI: Provincial minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon has urged Pakistan Tehreek Insaf workers and especially the young generation not to act on the incitements of Imran Khan as it’s sole agenda is to spread chaos in the country.
He added Imran Khan is busy in inciting young generation and PTI workers to take law into their hands and guiding them to wrong path of destruction for his own vested interests. In his statement on Sunday, the provincial information minister said that not only the heirs of the martyrs but the entire nation is in state mourn and saddened by the helicopter tragedy.
He said that after the tragedy, Imran Khan’s party carried out an unethical campaign on social media that caused deep anguish and distress among families of martyrs and the whole nation. He opined that hate against Imran Khan spread among the whole nation on launching the unethical social media trends on the copter tragedy. Sharjeel warned Imran Khan to stop making mischief on the issue of martyrs. Otherwise, the hands of the people of Pakistan will reach the collars of Imran Khan and the people will not let him get out of Bani Gala.
He added that Imran Khan is leading the young generation and PTI workers on the wrong path and pushing them into the fire of hatred , only for his lust of comming to power again. He added that the results of such wrong policies of Imran Khan are proving terrible for the country. The provincial minister said that due to Imran Khan’s wrong way of politics, Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia were punished and sent to jail. 6 Pakistanis were the bread earners of their families. ‘ No one else, it is Imran Khan who is responsible for sending Pakistani in jail ,’ he concluded.