Educated but unemployed youth say they will need to leave country

KABUL (TOLOnews): Youth say they are concerned about the lack of work in the country and called on the Islamic Emirate to provide Jobs.
Fardin, 26, graduated from the law and political sciences faculty; he said that unemployment has frustrated him and if this situation continues, he will inevitably leave his homeland and take the path of immigration.
“I studied for 16 years and nobody thinks about us, if the situation continues like this and nobody hears us, we are obliged to leave the country,” said Fardin, an unemployed youth.
“I studied for 16 years but now i am jobless because there are no job opportunities in Afghanistan,” said Mer Kamal, an unemployed youth.
“Youth leave the country because they are facing economic challenges and they don’t have motivation for their future,” said Janat Fahim Chakari, political analyst.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said that efforts are ongoing to provide work for youth in various fields.
“Most of our youths are busy in Qosh Tipa and some of them have work in mines and many of them work in transferring gas and oil from Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan,” said Sharfuddin Sharf, head of the office of the Minister of Social Work and Labor.
The Ministry of Economy said that they have large economic projects to reduce poverty in the country.
“The Ministry of Economy will pay serious attention to investment in infrastructure and development of small and medium industries, support of domestic production and strengthening of the private sector…” said Abdul Rahman Habib, spokesman of the ministry.
Earlier, the International Committee of the Red Cross said in a report that the number of unemployed people in Afghanistan has increased dramatically in the last two years.