Eulogizing KP model of governance

The myth of good model of governance during the previous PTI government in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has always been highlighted by the central and provincial leadership, ignoring the grim realities on the ground. While talking to a delegation of National Assembly members from Kohat the Prime Minster Imran Khan directed for the preparation of Plan for conservation of water resources in the Southern districts of the province. He said that the wheel of positive change will be accelerated in the province.

Completion of Police reforms initiated by a former Inspector General of Police Muhammad Abbas Khan in early 1980 which got momentum after the promulgation and implementation of Police Order 2000 is not the sole criterion of good governance. Likewise, the achievements of one former minster in elementary and secondary education cannot be construed as a total model of good governance. The perception that the present provincial government is dysfunctional is the talk of the town. Still two PTI stalwarts, who are no longer in the provincial government, are meddling in the government business. Ironically, there is another impression, right or wrong, the incumbent chief executive of the province avoids scheduled meetings with foreign ambassadors and representatives of multilateral donor agencies.

Focus on the formulation of energy policy to tape the full potential of the province is non-existent. There is a total chaos in the energy board and Pukhtunkhwa Hydel Energy Development Organisation PHEDO. Consequently, the implementation work ongoing hydropower projects is moving ahead on a snail pace and planning process of new project is slow.

Total violation of merit and nepotism is rampant and even this malpractice is the order of the day in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Public service Commission for selection for the post from BS.16 and above. In recruitments against various posts in the Peshawar Development Authority, the highest NTS scorer candidates were not even called for interview just to give a semblance of transparency in the so-called good governance in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. All is well report is given to the prime minister by the self-serving lawmakers of PTI including the seasonal birds, who joined the party sensing the wind change, is not the true barometer of good governance.

In health sector total focus is on four MTI hospitals whereas six other MTI hospitals still refer patients to the hospitals of Peshawar. Primary and secondary healthcare is in utter shamble. The situation of higher education is far from satisfactory. Outdated course contents, obsolete equipments in research labs, dearth of necessary chemicals and non-cooperative attitude of professors and supervisors are the hallmark of public sector universities. Sky high tuition fee, scarcity of reference books and non-access to top-notch research journals for the want of subscription fee are the noteworthy inefficiencies in the education system of the province.

In the southern districts of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa small dams, Kurram Tangi dam, Tank Zam dam and CRBC Canal projects are the most viable methods of thousands cusecs of water conservation  for irrigation and drinking purposes. In the districts of Hangu, Kohat and Karak there are large number of potential sites on which the construction of each dam will cost less than a million rupees. The idea of water conservation by these projects was trumpeted say in and day out by the former PTI Chief Minister but funds were not allocated to this issue of supreme importance. On the contrary BRT project at a cost Rs.70 billion was launched which is sheer waste of the Asian Development Bank loans given in the US dollars and government of France loan worth 170 million Euros. The inflated cost and procedural irregularities of the project is under NAB investigation. The less said about the mediocre and sluggish model of governance in KPK the better it would be.

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