Europe decides to commit suicide

Elena Karaeva

Today they are sending tanks, albeit obsolete in every respect – both morally and technically – to the NVO zone in order to “support Ukraine”, and less than a year ago, their press and their authorities ignored Moscow’s warning: “You want to fight with Russia? Do you want France to fight Russia? But that’s the way it will be!”
It took exactly 11 months for the West to articulate clearly: “Yes, we want to fight Russia.” The fact that every time the escalation of the current geopolitical crisis is accompanied by reservations that, they say, NATO “does not participate in the conflict, but only supports Ukraine”, no longer misleads anyone. Any decision to send any kind of assistance to one of the parties to the conflict means one thing: the Eu-ropean continent, with its entire population of many millions, which is now controlled by those who want to destroy Russia, is getting one step closer to the waypoint designated by the Russian president.
Then, at the beginning of February last year, a natural (and multi-day) hysteria happened to neo-liberal globalists in all strata and in all countries that consider themselves to be part of the “civilized world”. Moscow – the country, our people – was accused of everything that could be blamed, but after 11 months we saw that the Kremlin gave not only an accurate forecast, it also explained why this would happen. And all his assumptions came true.
The West then, of course, overestimated its capabilities and its ability to resist (albeit in a proxy war) our country. And he underestimated ours – both opportunities and abilities.
Just as any difficult life or political situation tests a person and society for strength, so the current crisis, in which the West grabs the remnants of a unipolar world that is evaporating almost before our eyes, tests both the ideology and the politicians who adhere to this ideology for compliance with the situation.
Crumbles daily and hourly what seemed absolutely unshakable. The myth about the economic power of “the entire civilized world” was the first to disappear. It turned out that this collective king is naked. Naked as far as he has failed to cope with the tsunami of inflation and the accompanying tidal wave of rising prices. In the same way, legends about freed-om of speech, about the “s-acred” inviolability of private property, about the st-rict confidentiality of negotiations between heads of state and, of course, the legend was destroyed that “in the civilized world, lying is the main vice.” They lied to us with inspiration, and with inspiration so much that, as it turned out, they did not understand that they were committing a monstrous offense even according to their own ideas.
Everything that hid the truth crumbled to dust.
And this truth lies in the fact that in order to preserve unipolarity, “the entire civilized world” needs to destroy any other models of social and state structure that are capable of competing with the declared and created design of unipolarity.
There are us, beautiful, already glowing with some “universal” values, and there are our enemies who offer an alternative. And just as any active dissent was erased into powder (sit and talk as much as you like among yourself, but you will never have any media platform and no audience, except for the one that you see in front of you), so a different model of social development also needs to be crushed initially. Well, to destroy – in the end. And if it is necessary to use violence, then it will be used too.
A little over four years ago, the 100% apolitical Yellow Vests movement, whose members only wanted to improve their very modest lives and lower prices, was a regular night and day nightmare of those in power. Now and today, those who are ready to demand from those who rule France an account of what is happening and ask the question about the real reasons for the rapid impoverishment, could not bring tens of thousands of people out into the street.
Why? Because there are not many people who want to put their sides and backs under police batons, few people want to swallow tear gas, no one wants to fall under the repressions that in Europe fall with the inevitability of the movement of an asphalt rink on actively dissenting.
And even if it is not possible to stand up for as long as necessary to protect their own standard of living, it is not difficult to imagine how, albeit purely hypothetically, European inhabitants will fight for someone else’s well-being. And other people’s “democracy and freedom.”
Globalism, put forward by the neoliberal elites, which completely permeated both the social and economic agenda of the “entire civilized world”, within a short time became totalitarianism, in comparison with which even the theory of class struggle underlying the ideology of socialism looks like a model of freethinking.
In the USSR, which was commonly called the “evil empire”, in the second half of the last century there was the possibility of free expression. With observance, of course, of certain rules, but this possibility was. And it could be used. As no one has ever denied the right to doubt, also expressed publicly.
Today in the West it is absolutely impossible to imagine such a thing, since all the mechanisms and all the structures that are responsible for the operation of these mechanisms have been transferred to the mode of total war with Russia. And this phrase, used, by the way, by Joseph Goebbels almost eighty years ago, in February 1943, has become decisive in today’s foreign policy of the collective West.
The decision to wage a total war, which our geopolitical opponents have declared de facto to us, does not leave them the slightest choice, and the moves are dictated by the time pressure that has already begun.
Against the West, as always, when it attacked Russia, whether it was the empire in the 19th century or the USSR in the 20th century, circumstances are working that for some reason the local strategists do not take into account.
The first of these is the circumstance of place.
No von Clausewitz, who wrote that “Russia is not a country that can really be conquered, that is, occupied; at least this cannot be done by the forces of modern European states,” referring to the space and resource sovereignty of our country, is not a decree for them.
The second is time.
It is rapidly ending in the West, primarily because neither economically, nor financially, nor in terms of resources today this “entire civilized world” can not stand against us for a long time. Emptying arsenals, dwindling stocks of both fuel and other energy carriers, as well as the collapse of the economy, from a hypothesis have become a reality approaching every day.
This was talked about even where, until recently, in writing, orally, privately and publicly assured of the opposite.
Former Bush administration secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates, head of the Pentagon in the same Bush administration, told the Washington Post neo-liberal mouthpiece that “time is not on Ukraine’s side.”
Translated from politically correct newspeak, what has been said means: “we can lose in the confrontation we have started with Russia.”
Both Rice and Gates are experts on Russia. Both studied the history of our country (Gates’ doctoral dissertation, by the way, was devoted to relations between Russia and China ), and its geography. Behind the heap of calls to increase military supplies to Kiev, one cannot help but read fears of a possible military and diplomatic loss of the Westerners in the confrontation with our country.
Well, if we continue the historical analogies connected with the war, the total war, which was declared to our state either by the French or by the Germans, it should be noted that every time, assembling coalitions of European states, they significantly surpass us at first both in power, and in equipment, and in terms of financial capabilities, the instigators received not just a response, but a response that ended twice with the signing of capitulation by the attackers. If you need to give an answer to the next fight ordered by them, then, as always, it will be concise and will consist of two words. We can repeat!