Evacuees and Afghan Adjustment Act

According to the US media, A bipartisan group of American legislators has introduced the Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA), a bill aimed at giving tens of thousands of Afghans in the United States a path to citizenship in their host country

. According to details, the new bill AAA would create a path to permanent residency for Afghans brought to the US through parole if they meet certain criteria and undergo additional vetting. It would also expand SIV eligibility to a few additional groups, including the Female Tactical Teams of Afghanistan, the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command, the Afghan Air Force, and the Special Mission Wing of Afghanistan. If approved the bill would establish a task force to develop a strategy for assisting SIV-eligible individuals still in Afghanistan to apply for US citizenship under the new mechanism formally called Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA).

The fall of Kabul has brought unprecedented woes, famine, and miseries for the entire Afghan nation while pro-American elements particularly those Afghans who served for the US military, the CIA, USAID, American funded INGOs became highly insecure and helpless in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, therefore the world witnessed unforgettable scenes around and inside Hamid Karzai International Air Port about a year ago which loudly sounded that people wanted to flee out of the country.

Accoridng to reports, about 90,000 Afghans had been resettled in the United States after the mass evacuation last year while thousands are still waiting for the completion of the process in some European and Middle Eastern countries. The US Home Department has enhanced its vetting process on the fear that Taliban fighters might enter the US in the guise of Afghan refugees to take revenge on the United States.

In fact, the selfishness of Afghan leaders had pushed the Afghan nation into endless trouble and Afghan people are experiencing a lack of resources, distrust, and harassment abroad while confronting poverty and famine in the country. The United States itself is stuck in a unique situation because the tall claims of American leaders had become a limitation for their successors. Although, US lawmakers are trying to fix the problem through the adjustment of Afghans, yet this recipe is less likely to reduce the suffering of Afghans in the US.