Ex-AJK PM announces to move forward with Tareen

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Former AJK prime minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas on Saturday announced support for senior politician Jehangir Tareen, saying that he will move forward with the latter. “We and Jahangir Tareen want to move forward together,” the PTI defector said while talking to media after holding a meeting with Jahangir Khan Tareen.

Responding to a question, Tanveer Ilyas said consultation was underway regarding the formation of a new party. “You will hear good news soon,” he added. Speaking alongside Ilyas, former Punjab minister Nauman Langrial, said that they will welcome anyone who is ready to leave the PTI and its narrative.

Meanwhile, former PTI MPA Niaz Gishkori joined the senior politician Jahangir Tareen’s group.

As per details, the former PTI MPA from Muzaffargarh met Jahangir Tareen and announced joining their group. In his address to the group member, Jahangir Tareen welcomed Niaz Gishkori and said that the former PTI MPA discussed his future political plan with the group’s members.

The members of Jahangir Tareen group MNA Faisal Jivana, Mubeen Alam, former advisor Abdul Hayee Dasti, Ishaq Khakwani, Nauman Langrial, Aon Chaudhry, Saeed Akbar Nawani, Amin Chaudhary, Qasim Langah were also present in the meeting. Earlier, Jahangir Tareen held consultations with the members of his group over the name of the new political party under consideration. (INP)