Ex-CM Punjab Khosa rules out reconciliation with Sharif family, may join PPP

LAHORE (INP): Former Punjab Chief Minister Dost Muhammad Khosa revealed on Tuesday that the senior leaderships of PPP and PML-N have both urged him to join their respective parties.

Speaking to a private TV channel, the former chief minister of Punjab said that his father had also given the same reply that he had to the PML-N leadership. “We both categorically rejected their demand to be part of PML-N again,” he said.

“We cannot bear to be stabbed again by them,” he added. Khosa said that his father had supported the Sharifs and joined with them ever since 1985. He claimed that the Khosa family had always provided their shoulder to the Sharifs during their difficult hour.

“They (Sharif family) were with us during our good days but when our bad days came, they were never there for us,” he said.

Dost Muhammad Khosa said that among those who contacted him to rejoin PML-N were members of the Sharif family as well as those who ‘had the ear of Nawaz Sharif’. The former chief minister of Punjab praised PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari, stating that he had met the former president who had shown great regard for him.

“The respect that Asif Zardari gave us is rare in politics nowadays,” he said. “I am thankful to him for this,” he added. Khosa admitted that Zardari had offered him to become a part of PPP. He said that there were chances the Khosa family would join PPP as he had advised his father to take that decision.

He spoke highly of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and said that the Bhutto scion’s role in the coming days would be important. “Bilawal is a young, fresh face which will be good for the party,” he said. “He is not stained with moral or financial corruption which is another exemplary quality in him.

I think he will have an important role to play in the days to come,” he added. Khosa admitted that PTI had also contacted him and extended an invite to join the party.

However, he said that there was nothing in the party apart from chairman Imran Khan.