FATA residents and new social code

According to the reports, the tribesmen from Erstwhile FATA became frustrated with the delays justice system and prolonged hearing of cases, corrupt practices of the Police, and no service of the local governments of newly merged districts of tribal regions. Although tribesmen are mostly satisfied with the FATA merger because they receive the services of over 30 government departments at their doorstep including Rescue 1122, but lengthy, complicated, and delayed justice delivery often makes them uncomfortable and look the former Jirga system a hundred times better than modern-day British Judicial System.

Erstwhile FATA has been ruled through draconian law including the Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR), tribal Maliks, and Political Agents who had been acting as Viceroy in their respective region. That system of governance was introduced by the British government date back in 1901. The FCR is usually remembered as black law because it introduced collective punishment of families and tribes for crimes of individuals and also empowered tribal chiefs and jirga to act as court and award punishments to the culprits in their respective areas. The jirga system significantly curbed the crimes in Tribal societies but it flourished the transgressions in another way that tribal areas become safe havens for criminals across the country along with hubs of illegal arms, drugs, and other illegal activities.

After the FATA merger, the political agents and jirga systems were replaced by police and magistrate courts, their unending investigations, prolonged case hearings, unethical prosecution, along with the corruption of government servants complicated the process for poor masses, thus the public became annoyed by the new social culture. Meanwhile, the 19th amendment introduced a full-fledged local government system in tribal districts which outlawed drug business, keeping and smuggling arms, terrorists harboring, and other multiple activities that were not banned earlier, thus the crooks and their facilitators were frustrated extremely with the new mechanism and making all efforts to revitalize their lost heavens. Apparently, there are multiple faults in the current-day British judicial and police system including corruption and nepotism. At the same time, the conservatism of tribesmen is another reason for their disassociation with standard procedure. Finally, all that will go well with the public in due course of time.