Female doctor makes herbal medicines for heart disease, strokes

HERAT (TOLOnews): A female doctor in the capital claimed that after 20 years of research, she was able to treat heart disease and strokes with her herbal medicines. and treat more than 200 patients.
“I am asking the Islamic Emirate to help me to make the medicine available for people, I am not asking the Islamic Emirate to help me by giving me money or whatever,” said Gul Sanam Ahmadzai, a doctor.
Abdul Rahman, 50, emigrated to Germany 33 years ago and he returned to the country a month and a half ago, he said that he has been suffering from heart disease for more than 10 years and has recovered after being treated by one of the female doctors in the country.
“My heart was hurting, it was always painful, I had pain on the left side; within 10-12 days the pain disappeared, and I felt very comfortable,” said Abdul Rahman.
Meantime, some other doctors and citizens asked the current government to support the achievements of doctors in the country.
“The side effects of the herbal medicine given to patients are zero, which means that you and I are aware of medical drugs that if we treat a disease, it can have other side effects,” said Safauddin Safa, head of the private hospital.
“We must support the doctor for this great scientific achievement,” said Abdul Ghiace, a patient.
Based on the statistics of the Ministry of Public Health, 93% of the drugs are imported from Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkey, and Bangladesh.