Polio vaccination campaign started

KABUL (TOLOnews): A polio vaccination campaign began Monday in 33 provinces of the country. During this four-day campaign, eleven million children will receive vaccinations, according to Sharafat Zaman Amarkhil, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health.

“Our aim in this campaign is to apply the vaccine to eleven million children. This campaign will last for four days. Vitamin A tablets are also given to children under the age of five at the same time as the polio vaccination,” the spokesman said. Afghanistan and Pakistan are among the countries in the world where the polio virus has not been eradicated. Some citizens of the country asked the Ministry of Public Health to do more to eradicate this disease in Afghanistan.

“In the remote areas, villages and districts, there should be cooperation with doctors,” said Sayed Akbar, a resident of Jawzjan. “We want that the polio vaccination campaign to be implemented in remote districts,” said Bismillah Nusrat, another resident of Jawzjan.

According to some doctors, in addition to launching these campaigns, the Ministry of Public Health and organizations that help the healthcare industry should also inform people about the illness. “Through religious scholars, we can continue our campaign and inform our people that with two doses of vaccine, we can eradicate polio from all children under the age of five,” Rohid, a doctor, told TOLOnews.

According to figures from the Ministry of Public Health, 5 positive instances of polio have been reported in the nation since the start of this year, and 3 national vaccination programs and 2 secondary campaigns have been carried out in the nation since the start of this year.