‘Females to get jobs, education within Islamic framework’

KABUL (TOLOnews): Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Mohammad Abas Stanekzai said that the Islamic Emirate will provide access to work and education to all citizens particularly women and girls.
Stanekzai praised the activities of the aid organizations in the country.
“Currently, the government of the Islamic Emirate wants to create work and even education opportunities for all Afghan sisters and brothers inside the country based on an Islamic format and Afghan tradition and Sharia. The work is underway in this regard, and we hope to fix it soon,” he said.
TOLOnews reached out to a professional who is at home now since the Islamic Emirate ordered a nationwide ban on female workers at NGOs.
Giti, who worked for one of the NGOs, said that she is concerned about her future.
“There are some girls who do not have father or a caretaker or brother so they need to work to meet the expenses of their families,” she said.
This comes as the Ministry of Economy said that at least 260 organizations are active in the social and economic spheres.
“The Islamic Emirate has provided various facilities for the activities of the organizations, the security discussions and procedures which we created provides them with facilities and they are under our focus in this regard,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy Minister of Economy.
The economists said that there is a need for the continuation of international aid to alleviate the ongoing poverty in the country and that women are necessary for the economic growth of the families.
“The ban on female work that also caused a reduction in GDP affects the property of the families,” said Meer Shikib, an economist.
Following the decree of the Ministry of Economy to ban females from working at the NGOs, many organizations halted or reduced their activities.