Fifteen Afghan female artists exhibit their art in Herat

HERAT (TOLOnews): Fifteen female artists showed their paintings at an exhibition in Herat.
“They even told us to not do paintings, but no, everything is going on, like painting,” said Kawsar Omari, an artist.
“I am determined in my work, and I will continue my profession,” said Alnaz Frotan, an artist.
The organizers of the exhibit said the purpose of holding this exhibition is to motivate women.
“The purpose for holding this exhibition is to motivate women and girls to show them that they can still progress,” said Sayeqa Jamshide, an organizer.
“It is really a place to be happy that in this situation they can hold such an exhibition and girls can show their abilities,” said Fatema Karimi, a visitor.
Meanwhile the Department of Culture and Information in Herat said that they support these art activities.
“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the Department of Culture and Information in Herat completely supports art and artists and will provide help to artists,” said Nayeemulhaq Haqqani, head of the culture and information department in Herat.
In this exhibition, more than 50 clay works are also exhibited.
In the last few years, art especially painting, has made good progress in Herat and hundreds of artists, many of them women and girls, are busy with art activities.