Flood-hit Bahrain to Kalam road reopened for light traffic

F.P. Report

MINGORA: The district administration of Swat, with the help of Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers, Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) and National Highway Authority (NHA), have rehabilitated the flood-hit Bahrain to Kalam road and opened it for light traffic on Thursday night.

According to the details, the Bahrain-Kalam Road was disconnected in the wake of devastating flash floods that had hit Swat district a few days ago.

The road link was disconnected between two cities due to flash flood in which many points of the road, and the bridges too, had been washed away.

However, on the special instructions of Malakand Division Commissioner Shaukat Ali Yousafzai, all the institutions were mobilised for the rehabilitation of the road.

The road from Bahrain to Kalam was rehabilitated and opened for traffic with the support of the Swat district administration, Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers, FWO and NHA.

It is to be noted here that the Malakand division commissioner had promised to rehabilitate the Bahrain-Kalam Road in two days.

During his visit to Swat district, he issued directions that heavy traffic should be avoided on the road, for it is not yet ready for that. He also advised the travelers to obey the traffic rules to avoid prolonged traffic jams on Bahrain-Kalm Road.

He also appreciated the efforts of the local administration, Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers, FWO and NHA.

“The rehabilitation of Bahrain-Kalam Road will speed up the relief operations to Mittaltan, Gabral, Ariani and other areas,” he stated.