Floods kills over 521 people in past year

KABUL (TOLOnews): More than 521 people have died and 726 more have been injured as a result of floods in the past year, officials of the Commission for Disaster Management said in a press conference.
According to Mawlawi Sharafuddin Muslim, deputy minister of state for disaster management, more than 20,000 homes have been destroyed as a result of these floods.
The Commission officials urged international aid agencies to assist the families in the country who were affected by the floods.
While speaking at the press conference, Mawlawi Abdul Latif Mansour, acting minister of Energy and Water, said that 750 cisterns, 329 small dams, and 441 major water channels were damaged in recent flooding across the country.
“599,924 acres of land remain flooded and cannot be used,” The acting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Mawlawi Ataullah Omari said.
In the press conference, Qalandar Ibad, acting minister of public health, stated that the nation is currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis and the international aid to affected people is not enough.
“The psychological effect is a major issue that has emerged among people as a result of these events,” he stated.
Meanwhile, some affected families asked the humanitarian organizations to provide more assistance.
“Don’t let the vulnerability escalate where a humanitarian disaster occurs, and in that case we have no power and our facilities are limited. You have seen the status of our nation and our state,” said Mansour Mohammadi, a flood victim.
“Floods have destroyed the houses; they need to assist with them because the residences are terribly damaged,” said Hamidullah, a member of the affected family.
In recent weeks, there have been devastating floods in several parts of the country.