FO: Pak fulfilling Intl. obligations in Mumbai case

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: On January 10th, Pakistan Foreign Office has clarified that it was fully abiding its own statutes and fulfillment of international obligations in Mumbai case, which was hindered due to Indian relu-ctance to send witnesses.

The Foreign Office spokesperson divulged “The investigations, prosecutions & subsequent convictions, through due process, are a reflection of effectiveness of Pakistan’s legal system, which operates independent of any extraneous factors or influences.”

While talking about the legal process Foreign Office spokesperson stated, legal process in the Mumbai case remained stalled due to reluctance by Indian side to send witnesses for cross examination by Pakistani court.

Pakistan Foreign Office issued this statement following a US State Depart-ment’s response on conviction of Zaki ur Rehman La-khvi saying that they were encouraged on the development; however his crime was “far beyond financing terrorism.” The State Department in its official statement urged Pakistan to further hold him accountable for his involvement in terrorist attacks, including the Mumbai attacks.

The Foreign Office spokesperson maintained that “The State Department is encouraged to reserve its concern for the active aiding, abetting, planning, promoting, financing & execution of terrorist activities by India for which sufficient irrefutable evidence has already been provided.”