Former AG buried in Surkh Rod in Nangarhar

NANGARHAR (TOLOnews): The former attorney general, Abdul Jabar Sabit, who died of respiratory disease at a hospital in Khyber Pakhtunwa, was buried in Surkh Rod district of Nangarhar on Friday.
According to relatives, Sabit was 78. “He was mainly involved in books and writing. He had a light heart,” said Abdullah Durani, a nephew of Sabit.
“He was a serious person. He was working a lot at his administration,” said Imranullah, a colleague of Sabit.
Relatives and people close to Sabit said thay he was suffering from respiratory problems and thus he had recently settled in Khyber Pakhtiunkhwa.
“He was affected with a disease in his lungs, which affected his breathing. Then we took him to the North West hospital and he was there for four days, and lost his life there,” said Shakirullah Nasiri, a secretary of Sabit.
Abdul Jabar Sabit worked as the Attorney General of Afghanistan for two years. He worked in many government positions before being appointed as attorney general.
Sabit was a university instructor and held a PhD in political science.