Former Taliban’s Shadow Governor Escapes From NDS Prison in Faryab

FARYAB (ATN NEWS): The Provincial Council of Faryab Province confirmed that Salahuddin Ayubi, the Taliban’s former Shadow Governor for northern Faryab province, escaped from the National Security Directorate (NDS) prison in the Qaisar district.

The Taliban group reported that Ayubi was arrested three years ago.

Now he has reached to one of the areas controlled by the Taliban, they added.

Members of the Faryab Provincial Council consider the escape of the Taliban’s former official concurrently with the release of 84 prisoners from the Taliban’s Prison in Faryab questionable.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Thursday that at least 84 people were rescued from the Taliban prison in Faryab.

“The government should provide information on this to the people and if not, people have the right to doubt about the government’s actions,” said Ahmad Saedi, a political commentator.

At this point, questions are being raised that why Ayubi was not transmitted to the prisons like Bagram and Kabul while he was one of the dangerous officials of the Taliban in Northern provinces during the past three years.

“High ranks are involved in the escape of Ayubi,” said Hadi Quraishi, a militarily expert.

This comes as President Ghani issued a decree based on which 900 prisoners, majority of whom are the Taliban insurgents, from the country’s prisons.

The decision was followed by criticisms.