Freed activists feel pressure to not share details

KABUL (Tolo News): The relatives of the detained female right activists confirmed their release but suggested the activists are not ready to publicize the details about their detention as they are “under pressure” not to do so. Four female rights activists Zahra Mohammadi, Mursal Ayar, Tamana Paryani and Parwana Ibrahimkhil were missing for the last month, and were released.
The Islamic Emirate in response to TOLOnews’ questions regarding this issue, said an investigation is underway to probe it. The UN Women in Afghanistan welcomed the release of these four women activists. “Afghan women have a long history of fighting for their rights, and speaking up in the face of incredible obstacles,” the UN Women in Afghanistan said on Twitter. “The responsibility to stand up for women’s rights cannot rest on the shoulders of Afghan women alone. It is our global responsibility.”
“The UN welcomes the encouraging reports that the four ‘disappeared’ Afghan women activists, some missing for weeks, are being enabled to return home,” UNAMA said in a tweet. “Their well-being and safety are of paramount concern. UNAMA will continue its efforts to support the rights of all Afghans.” The relatives of these female activists said that due to pressure, the women’s rights activists are not prepared to share the details of their detention with the media.
“It was good news. We heard after weeks that the girls who were in the Taliban’s custody were set free. This gives hope to the women that the Taliban may fulfill their promises regarding women,” said Nazdana, a member of Zanan Junbish Adalat Khwahi.
“The release of our colleagues comes as the Taliban has repeatedly denied their detention. This situation we are going through should end,” said Masouma, a relative of the female activists.
The Islamic Emirate said an investigation is underway to probe the issue of the female activists. “This issue has not been shared with us and we cannot say anything about it because we are looking for information and we can’t confirm it,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.
This comes as women’s rights activists claimed the Islamic Emirate forces arrested two other female activists, Madina Darwazi and Marjan, at their homes in Kabul. “Madina and Marjana—Madina with her two children– were detained last night and taken to an unknown location. This is concerning. We don’t know for how long these girls will remain in the Taliban’s custody,” said Navida Khurasani, a female activist. The security officials have yet to make any official comment in this regard.